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    If you in the U.K., and you want to help buid a foundation that supports music, poetry, art with an inspiring, political, uplifting or self acknowledging edge for Afrikans This might be the group for you.
    You don't personally have to be artists to contribute to the committee, you can find yourself in roles suchs as web-designing, flyer designing, DJing, treasurer, phone-out-caller, transport provider, distributor, etc. Whatever you feel you can contribute in balance to your individual life.

    We aim to build a support system and raise enough finance for Afrikan uplifting music and individuals that endorse it. And expand the message of InPDUM(International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement).

    The first meeting has already taken place and the turn out was great(thanks to Genesis and Powerjam Fm). This meeting the characteristics, aims and objectives of the Committee and the Movement were explained.

    The second meeting one of of which is important. This is the actual organising of the structure of the committee, and every member and interested individual should try to turn up, in order to build a democratic structured movement. I.e. We intend to come to terms on such as the time of regular meetings and the actions that take place, the position of individuals, strategies to challenge the medium available, and any other idea other individuals bring to the table. Details of time and dates would be provided soon.

    If you are interested and have any enquiries and the Movement, email--> [email protected]
    Or call 0208 265 1731

    If you have any questions about the music and arts committee supporting this movement, email--> [email protected]
    Or call 07957 427 168.

    Put your lyrics to good use!
    Reminder... meeting on 17 May, Sat @5:00pm.
    Bilt Mansions, 4-16 Deptford Bridge, SE8.
    Agenda on this meeting- Organising the structure of the Uhuru Music Committee.
    If you share any slight interest and you want more details call 0208 265 1731 or 07957 427 168. During this meeting we are looking to invite a policy that permits membership after and only after three months of participation. But that can only be put on after this meeting. So dont hesistate to check it out.

    Like I said before we calling out anyone who feels they got somn to contribute to a musical team. Not necessairly artists. Even if you just know how to just talk or type, we could put that to use.


    PS; Sorry for my quick visits, Im in the middle of a very busy operation. :toast: