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    I am A. Adar Ayira, and I am new to this list. I've been enjoying the exchanges and do invite you to visit my blogsite deconstructing day-to-day incidents of racism/white supremacy at
    www.ayira-blogginga merikkka. blogspot. com .

    My other purpose for writing now is to share the following: my organization, A Good Black Man, Inc. (I am on their Advisory Board), has a Legacy of Excellence Award ceremony each year.

    A Good Black Man was started to counter the negative images of African American men in this white supremacist society. The organization maintains a website and sponsors a summer camp each year. It publicizes positive images and works of African American men who comprise the majority of our community, as opposed to the image of a "criminal minority" pathologically pushed by white media.

    We are looking for nominations for the "For Our Future" award. Criteria: African American males between the ages of 16 - 35 who are assuming leadership roles or making positive contributions to their families and / or community.

    Nominees do not have to live in MD but must be available to participate in the award celebration.

    Please visit the www.agoodblackman. org site for more details on the organization and the LOE Awards.

    Peace be with you and yours,


    "Give me the free labor of one Black person for one year, I would be a rich man. Give me the free labor of a dozen Black people for one year, I would be a very rich man. Give me the free labor of millions of Black people for 250 years, I would be America." Ralph Wiley