Black Relationships : For My sister Yadira

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    I see you're rather emotional about this, huh? :oops: No need to be. Since it's confirmation of the difference in blood, I suggest you go to page 190 of Great African Thinkers...and then go to 224 of the same book for more. Now in terms of've probably been given the FAULTY INFORMATION that melanine means dark and lack of it means white. This is wrong. We were told that melanine is what gives us eye, hair and skin color. Well this is true, but there's much more to this...and I am a little surprised that as a biologist you haven't taken the time to move beyond the eurocentric skeleton and medical diagnosis TO the reality of who WE ARE AS A PEOPLE. There's many kinds of melanine and Jasmine guy and a whole bunch of our light black people have's just a matter of them being melanin dominent or melanine ressesive. Excellent works for you to take a look at are.

    (A.) Carol Barnes..Melanin: the chemical key to Black Greatness.
    ( B.) Ph.D N.A. Stewart....Melanin and Sensory motor development in African nfants: Assessment Implications Thesis.
    (C) W.L. Morison...What is the function of Melanin vol 121, pp.1160-1163, Sept,1985
    and I have 60 more sources if you would like them...all science, all medical, and all what they haven't been telling us even though they stick it in their medical books.

    Let me ask you a question: can you look at a whyite person and immediatly know if there's black in their ancestry? If so, why? If not, why not?....I can.