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    Traveling through the Universe before entering the light.
    The mighty God whispered into your ear. The sweet
    Smell of life, 3000 enzymes flowed through your veins.
    You then herd the winds as you flowed through the womb.
    God said go with love, I have planted the seed.
    Be not programmed with the tarnishing of the earth.
    I have given you great wisdom return the earth to me.
    You my son are the warrior that will lead.
    As the light became clear the words disappeared.

    I gave you power of chose.
    The greatest message in the world.
    Jesus summons
    Let my spirit be within the soul of men.
    I gave you the power to rule.
    I gave you the power to love.
    I gave you the power to rejoice.
    I gave you the power of wisdom.
    I gave you the power to lead.
    I have given you the books of life.
    I command you to lead.

    Greater thou than thee, greater thou than peace.
    Greater thou than the world it self.
    Creation of thou own right hand.
    Let not treason be the words of my son.
    I take council and hear your cry.
    I stood at the gates of heaven welcoming
    You to come inside.
    The golden stroll that you may walk,
    The harps of the sky plays the march
    When you walk, the tears that set before the
    Palace, the loves that sit upon your feet.

    Earth will be your test of faith.
    Within the test of faith let thy
    Servant be the riches of thy path.
    I have taught you well let thy voice be herd.

    The splendors of the silence that shadows,
    the surroundings of thy voice,
    I shall not hide within darkness,
    A voice to release the darkness that centers my universe.
    Oh thou eyes are filed with despair.
    I continue to flap my wings.
    A voice to cry a symbol of dignity.
    Oh say can you see by the inner depths of my realms,
    Shall I sit in humble,
    Itemized beyond the hand of clutch.

    Aspersions of a spoken thought,
    A voice I shall not cry.
    The beauty that shines upon its roots.
    Liberty of thou may sing.
    I shall not be the warp to turn the other cheek.
    Never combine complexities with evil,
    it is a loosing battle.
    It will only try to take your strength,
    to maintain power.
    There shall be no wisdom ,
    knowledge and understanding.
    Once the pen is taunted.
    God bless and continue ,
    to teach the words of love.

    Trust stronger than the lion that roars
    Knowledge worthless without honor of self,
    Understanding rationalization what comes first,
    What comes last? Honor worthy,
    than thieves in the night.
    Wisdom the will to enhance, the will to let go.

    The will to give love,
    and the will to humble under
    complexities of un-wanted thoughts
    The will to subside when ignorance
    continues to flow.
    The will to carry the torch, when the
    storm appears,
    fearing not the suggestions of those
    blinded by the storm.

    Words of wisdom, which is delivered
    The words that shines,
    through great men.
    Wisdom the lion,
    of success strength of men.
    Who walks in the light of God?
    Love greater than all, which is upon this earth
    Wisdom worth more than silver and gold.

    Conscious, cosmic, the law of consciousness’,
    free among the free, power of the eliminations of thoughts,
    energy and power, actions and reactions, free among the free.
    Transforming power of mind, the hero of destiny,
    the reason for the universe loyalty to God.
    In the beginning what and why is man?
    The hidden secrets, spirits of formative, the power of choice.
    The temple of brotherhood., how mind rules the body.
    The voices of the soul. Uniting powers simple laws of life.
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    through his words come forth life
    to guide as light in earthly tyme
    this was warm and very tyte sis.
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    This piece causes me to think so strongly of the power that is inborn in each of us, and what we so often waste. Keep spreading your strong words to our minds poet.

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    sister and brother we are one continue to carry the torch of the almighty God.