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    Here are some jewels help you develop your own culturally-relevant theology:

    Islam has two theological definitions that I am aware of. The on we are all familiar is "Islam is total submission to the will of Allah". This one, however, is actually a secondary theological definition. We must then ask "What is the primary theological definition?".

    Here's a quote from Dr. Wesley Muhammad to explain: "Islam is the nature of Allah, that First God that created Himself from Triple Darkness 76 trillion years ago. Islam derives from the Arabic root Seem (s), Laam (l), Meem (m), which has a basic meaning of "soundness, well-being, wholeness, freedom from evil and defect, " and the word ’Muslim’ is an active participle which means that a Muslim is one whose nature is Islam (Allah) or whose character and actions exemplify Islam. Islam is not a religion. It is righteousness."

    He(Dr. Wesley Muhammad) is, of course, speaking from a 5%/NOI perspective, but he is using his scholarly background in Islamic Studies to bring forth some truth.

    Here is another quote from him: "Arabic is the Black Man’s language; it is not the language of the white Arabs. They know this, why don’t the 5%? Arab historians distinguish between two grosups of Arabic speakers: the ‘real’ Arabs, al-‘arab al-‘ārabi and the arabized foreigners, al-‘arab al-‘musta’riba. The Arab/Muslim historians admit that Prophet Muhammad and his tribe, Quraysh, belonged to the latter, the arabized foreigners, al-‘arab al-‘musta’riba, descendents of Ismael through the Adnan-Ma’ad tribes. The true, original speakers of Arabic, al-‘arab al-‘ārabi, are the original dwellers in Arabia, the Black (Cu****e) tribes descendent from Qahtan."

    In his book "The Spirit of Islam," Amir Ali says: "Salm (salama in the first and fourth conjugations) means, in the first instance, to be tranquil, at rest, to have done one’s duty, to have paid up, to be at perfect peace , and, finaly, to surrender oneself to Him with whom peace is made. The noun derived from it means peace, greeting, safety, salvation. The word does not imply, as is commonly supposed, absolute submission to God’s will, but means, on the contrary, striving after righteousness."

    The above information, alone, makes things more relevant for you. And definitely gives you a foundation to operate on without the Arabism.

    Dr. John Henrik Clarke, himself, said "Islam is a beautiful religion once you separate the Arabisms from it."

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