Black Poetry : For my light skin sistas

This poem was sweet, though it wasn't talkin to me. It's funny, I was born light, and then I got tanned so much, Im about an ebony brown color now.

Anyway, in light of the poem, that's not a pun, I think there is a group for every shade, from the lemon skin, to the plum flavored, who seem to feel down for their colors. Usually it is in terms of the people around them and their opinions. But we all fit into the legacy of the Afro-American race. What do we title our race? I don't like the word black sometimes, because it's too void, and our shades illuminate our culture, and compliments our offspring. So more power to this poem, and more power to ALL shades of the black man and woman. I know i wouldn't trade the skin color for anything.

keep the flow goin.
Hookupman, thank you for the insightful and important message. We need to learn how to look at each other through enlightened eyes and not eyes whose sight has been molded and manipulated by racism. I have nothing but love for ALL of my sisters! Maddrapper, if you haven't already, we can take that conversation downstairs if you'd like because I think you have an interesting perspective on the issue of 'color' among our people!

Queenie :spinstar:
Brotha hookup :) I love this...i do :)
There are many misconceptions in our community PERIOD and
more often than not they are inspired by the white man attempting to create separation
this was a WONDERFUL way to reunite the love that should be US 4 US
Beautiful BLAK brethren
thank you my brotha :)


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