Black Poetry : For my light skin sistas


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Mar 4, 2004
Beneath your first surface
Beats African drums and impoverish
Slums full with hot combs and afro-picks
Tribalistic rituals and incense sticks
Ahh yo red bone!!!!!!!! Holla!!!

Is not your name
Neither is high yella
Nor is it that light skin .that biitch think she cute

ladies yawl need to stop that !

light skin sistas
You are the sand beneath the feet of a lioness
Roaming the Serengeti in search of substance
For her seeds
Your are the descendant of strange fruit
That hung from southern trees
U are slaves who were freed but couldn’t read
You are beedy bees
A Rasta puffin good weed
A Jamaican grandmother who rolls up her sleeves
And makes rice and peas
You’re a mother pulling leaves off a switch
Because your child has done someshyit
That’s about to get them a whooping
That they asss will never forgit

Your are African hair braiders
That talk about their customers
In there own language
While doing their hair
Your are a long prayer
From people who are soo scared
That they are barely there

You are suga-water, syrup sandwiches
In a timeless struggle
Your are coco bread collar greens chicken and pizza places
You are the stench of the under bellies of slave ships
Beneath which black men cried and black men died
Where the women where thrown over board
You are door knockers and big hoops you are revolution
You are 3/5 human according to this country constitution
You are the asp that bit Cleopatra, beautiful bare breasted
Wearing tight jeans and mascara you are hip hop
Like shell tops cross colors and graffiti
You are the crown that adorned the head of Neffitti
Your gangsta,your fly ,your cool ,u dope,u fresh, u phat.u all that
Yawl know why right …..Cause u black

Yellow honeys u too are light absence, u are light without
Stars, moons or planets
You are the day before god created the earth,
before nite and day were separated
Your are the product of the continually harassed
Your Malcolm x….naw matter of fact your El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz
Your are the dream that martin had despite fact it was his last
You are a dark past, over worked hands, the types of chest and assss
That got us brothas going dammmmmmmmmmmmmn…shorty got a fatty son!

You are the manifestation of 400 years of worth of desperation
You are music and words
You are mind sex that properly ejaculates thoughts
You are the concept of freedom whose reality is sought
You are black
Tell them when they see u
And question your lack of melanin your grade of hair, or your facial features
Tell them u are one of gods creatures and
Your blackness answers to know one

For my light skin sistas out there… be strong …I love all woman dark and light …hookup…. :luvv:
Thank you hookup for this. Especially given the thread "downstairs" about who the sexiest woman is, and some comments regarding light skinned Blacks not really being Black, this was timely. This used to really bother me, but now at this late stage of the game, lol, I figure it's not my problem. And it's funny when folks just talk to me a little and realize that I am just everyday folk, they are actually surprised. I've always just been me, guess I'm more "down" than people think, but you can't know a person just by looking at them. Props for this.


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