Poetry Critiques : For Inspiration...Please Read "Just Be"

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    Aspire to be
    Like King Askia Toure and unit a region
    Be like King Idris Alooma
    Re-unite us with our culture as he did two kingdoms
    Be an astronomer, a philosopher, be a genius, a physician, an architect
    Be all these things like King IIMMOOOHHHTTTEEEPPP!!
    Be like King Khama bring crime rates down low to almost zero
    You know what else you can do
    Be a pyramid builder like King Khumu
    Be flamboyant in style like King Mansa Mussa who led his people from Timbuktu to Mecca.
    Make peace so that prosperity is made possible even if you have to raise hell
    Like King Moshoeshoe try building a society where law and order must prevail.
    Stop the hatred, stop hating me, I’m your queen, don’t fight me, fight for me, fight for what you believe
    Like King Samory Toure
    Be like King Shaka of the Zulus and build over a million men strong
    Instead of killing for no reason fight for the rights over the wrong.
    And like King Tenkamenin,
    Be a rider and ride out, listen to the problems and concerns of ya people
    Help them to rebuild and grow and let them know that in this wicked world we will never be considered equal
    Be like King Ramses and honor your wife
    I’m not saying go to Abu Sinbel and build a temple
    But you can say I love you… that’s simple
    Just be classified as a great man like King Mutato
    Be a founder find out where ly’s your queen essence
    Like King Narmer in 3200BC when hieroglyphic writings made it’s first appearance
    To be less than any of this makes no sense
    So rule…that’s what you were born to do, claim what was passed unto you
    Be a father, be a brother, be a lover, be an example
    Be a King.

    Ladies stop following and be leaders like leading warrior Queen Amina
    Be titled as classy like Queen Candace with a strong but sweet demeanor
    Fight for your children and families like Queen Dahia-al Kahina
    Be a go-getter and build programs to teach those underneath us
    Stay determined like Queen Hatshepsut
    Be black, for black is beautiful, and be happy
    Like Queen Makeda you are the symbol of beauty
    Stay confident black queens have high self-esteem like Queen Nandi.
    Who was the mother of Shaka over the Zulu nation and like she…
    Represent hard work, patience and determination
    Be a strength foundation for your King like Queen Nefertari
    Stand up for what you believe, demand your respect like Queen Nefertiti
    Be a friend, have girlfriends and stand hand n hand
    As a matter of fact create an army of females
    Like Queen Nzhinga instead of hating each other find ways to prevail, Stop pointing fingers and throwing catfights like it’s Jerry Springer
    Fight for what you believe in, like Queen Yaa Asantewa
    Aspire to be a great woman with a past you can appreciate
    Stop teaching our young children to hate
    Stop leaving a good man for the one with rims size 28”
    Be a mother, be a sister, be a lover, most of all be an example, be a Queen

    If you still can’t figure out who to be, then dog on it, be like me
    20 years from now this generation will look back into history
    And this is how my bio should read
    Beautiful, Black Amazon Queen Flo…her symbol…
    Invoking positive energy for the nation to grow
    Inspired her people to let them know to smile thru troubles
    Cause it’s the rain that causes the rainbow
    And she always rocked that culture shock afro
    She was a go-getter and always held her kings down
    Even if they had that bad reputation around town
    She was a queen…in full essence of the word!
    Sang songs so loud & proud, the mountains rumbled
    And the gods in heaven heard.
    Always willing to be there for her youth… for the millennium generation
    Amazon Queen Flo was definitely considered “The Truth”
    Now I hope this poem has inspired you! To aspire to be
    Brutha’s to be a King
    Sista’s to be a Queen
    Be anything…
    Just don’t be less than what you are supposed to be… which is royalty!
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    tyte joint try laying this in a few stanza's so it can
    blast out the full affects very nicely done

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    :jawdrop: Couldnt have said it better myself
    Thank you for sharing.