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Street So'ja

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Mar 19, 2001
Brooklyn, New York
i've been reading everyones stuff,but because i'm having computer access problems right now i can only post right now
so i wanted to tell everybody i LOVE and support all your work, the reason why i can't respond to everybody stuff it is taking me hours to respond so until i get a better set up i'll be watching and realize you ALWAYS have my support

those of you know me know me, that despite my hard way to go i always try to uplift where possible

and those you don't i live for the ART

Peace as always to my prestiged fellow poets
Thank You Street So'ja for giving me the opportunity to say almost the same ... I too am reading and LOVING everyone's work ... APPRECIATING the fact that you feel comfortable sharing yourself here. I've been pretty busy lately and don't have time to post to each piece. I do make it a point to welcome :wave: all new family members. Haven't even had time to create a flow of my own lately ... but it won't be this way always.

Thanks for the love everyone and Street So'ja thanks for the note!



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