Black Poetry : For breakfast a true bagel had a new label and

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    For breakfast a true bagel had a new label and

    Now an initial release made him an official beast plan

    With Hip-hop to change the world but a strange twirl of events

    Frequent shifted his goals he battled gifted souls in most recent

    Rap contests but got trapped in mess when he lost a bet

    Opposing rapper tossed threats over the microphone with no regrets

    His pride deft but he had to hide himself duck his head

    Or get struck by led has thrill and urge along with threads

    Containing ill words so he spill verbs onstage at the age

    Of sixteen had a mixed up scheme for life extreme strife a page

    Of destruction no production plot dying never stop trying couldn’t

    Spread rumors they could lead to head tumors so he wouldn’t

    Dare cross the line, in Hip-hop hoped on gitting a start

    Now thing about quitting art one day sitting in the park

    Cap buttoned under his chin all of a sudden two men approached

    One wearing a Hip-hop broach said “look dawg do you need a coach?”

    They talked fast and walked right pass many to find him “look dude

    You spit fact and we have a legit contract, but you must improve

    Your attitude because we talk to MC’s and cut CD’S after we lube

    The words down we’ve heard clowns blow it on their first album”