Black People : For a moment be the prophet how do you see Black America in 100 years

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    How you ever taken time to visualize what Black America may be like in 100 years?
    Do you think we will rise to a higher state of Black consciousness or will there be
    forums like this,
    Filled with intelligent and thoughtful blacks pulling together to debate and find solutions
    to problems that plague them daily, for example like white racism, black on black
    violence colorism etc.
    In other words will it be the same old same old black problems still lingering around?

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    You know this is a trick question right? ;)

    We can inject positive manifestations or pessimistic conjecture.
    Regardless, after September 2001... who can determine a future of a people within a nation, when one doesn't really understand what covert elements operate or even control the nation that the people are part of.

    Does Rome still exist, and when did it stop existing?
    What happened to the people there?

    Kmt or Egypt, or even Ethiopia as a whole (not the colonized piece of an invisible border)
    With the attempt to globalize all land masses under political and monetary uniformity, those that are not involved in or supportive of the transitions will probably be chewed up and spit out.

    Poor black, poor white, poor brown, poor yellow.

    Which is why MLK's Poor Peoples movement was such a threat, it created too much attention for the actually enemy to capitalism, oligarchies, and the uniformity agenda based on United Nations treaties.

    The "state" or Estate system established by colonizers (divide and conquer) was very strategic, but needed to be continued by future generations. Thus the three branched of governances where established here and abroad to keep control.

    So when you consider you are from a "state", this is a divided and conquered area of land, under illusionary rule by the Governer (Colonel).

    The illusion comes from the voting program that the Republic decided to use to create an idea of a democracy where people felt they were part of and had connection to the controlling elites.

    So as long as people continue to accept the system of division, they will remain conquered.
    And when I say division, I mean confusion and injustice, that is masked by "Rule and Color of Law".

    Racism is something that was added to create the confusion and division.
    Racism is an erroneous term used to replace "Colorism" or caste system.

    Caste systems used color of law to designate and prejudge nepotism in order to avoid non-family from becoming party to the conquer and control. See Monarchy.

    The Caste systems spread as colonizers shared information on how to control the populated areas without complete extermination, as this could create a potential disease and outbreak... which is why they would not do this until developing a mass system of removing the dead bodies effectively. See Nazi Holocaust.

    So the color codes and color of law was established by way of genetic markers to keep the company of the elite and oligarchy small. See the 1 percent, the Trilateral unions (illuminati), also pyramid theory.


    Why am I posting all of this?

    Because in order to become a prophet of the future, one must first become a prophet of the past.
    Signs and patterns cannot be hid, though those that attempt to disguise their movements often forget this.

    History teaches, the present guides, and the future empowers.

    If people begin to study history more, their minds may become less reactionary and more proactive in creating their own future.

    Read that again, and let it sink in.

    In simple response to the question though... I see great things, but not until truth and wisdom comes and destroys everything we think we thought we knew.

    The problems of the past may have been the problems of today, but whose problems are they?
    Personal problems, collective problems, perceived problems?

    Problem denotes confusion or a dilemma that is not yet solved.
    Like an equation

    Think of it like a Theorem
    These are to be proofed, but it takes time to consider all of the possible variables beforehand.

    With so many variables, the confusion created is liken to a Sudoku puzzle of this nature:


    Most of the time we just simply regurgitate the "problems".
    This could also be because those that create organizations after the obvious colonization and occupation ended, the subtle colonization and occupation still needed some to oversee the transition.

    NAACP, National Urban League, etc.

    There were some that were allowed to participate, but in order to avoid the nepotism of the oligarchy being broken up, political parties were created for people to support, while the families were still in control of the political process and parties.

    If we want to get coy, the origins of the political parties were fraternal orders.
    Think about why they call them "parties".


    These fraternities still exist today, they simply now allow others to think that they can become a part of them, while they still maintain control.

    So until the masses wake up to the variables that are present, they will continue to repeat the same control, manipulation and standards by which they have since the Roman Empire divided in order to conquer the world. See the Confederate (allied) colonies of the US (Great Britain/England) connections to the Roman Papacy.

    Confederates were allied to the British, and were supported by confederate bonds and currency during the wars.

    The EU is controlled by the Roman Papacy, and Great Britain/England is now fighting to distance themselves from it for reasons that will come to light soon.

    The UK's EU referendum: All you need to know

    Something is going to change, but what, and who is going to change?
    We all will change one way or another, questions is... will this be proactive or reactive change?

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    SINCE my arrival in this forum I have always been impressed with your logic and meticulously researched answers.
    I am learning to tame that "geminian" side of my brain that causes to think from my emotions and my heart'
    And I have you to thank for that
    Thanks UBNaturally:math: :thankyou: