Chief Elder Osiris : Fools Illusions And A Dummy Reality

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    Fools Illusions And A Dummy Reality

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    What Is A Fool?

    A fool is someone that act to believe to know what is not known and take what is not known to really be the truth about that which is believed to be really known, and the fool believe to know everything about that which is believed, putting no value on that which is not known, but great value in that which is believed without knowing, based upon an illusion of reality.

    What Is A Dummy?

    A dummy is someone that do not know but does not pretend to believe to know, but do know that which has been learned to know is really true, and the dummy is aware of not knowing everything there is to know, but is willing to learn that which is needed to be known.

    Between the Fool and the Dummy, the Dummy is the most intelligent of the two, because you can learn from the Dummy and the Dummy can be taught, but a Fool pretend to know about everything that the fool does not know about, and only believe to know about what is not known by the fool.

    Now, allow me to say up front, which does not mean it will be honored or recognized by a fool.

    I never intend to disrespect those Black people of any mental status, there is nothing for me to gain by doing so, but I am committed to telling Black people the Divine Truth as it is revealed to me to know and when you are under such a Divine obligation, a fool opinion about you really does not matter, because knowing the Divine Truth about our life situation is way and far more important than a fool opinion of you.

    I would be a fool to not share with Black people that which I see and know of Black people to be Divinely True, all because I am concerned about erupting some Black folks ego.

    I have stated from the out set when I came on this Internet, that I do not make claim to be no Black people leader and I am not seeking to become a part of Black folks clannish ways and I do not join cults, religions, groups or organizations seeking to become more conspicuous to Black people for out side show and vain recognition, because all such acts are a portrayal of a foolish act of an individual or groups, because the performance is the same.

    So why should I be concerned about what a fool believe of me,.
    I do know that I must be cautious when in the presence of a fool, because a fool is predictable.

    A Dummy I do respect because it is not of the Dummy doing and rather than to become a foolish believer, a dummy is better at seeking after that which the dummy does not know and I choose to be label as a dummy rather than a fool, because we dummies are out to learn all that has been taken away from us to know.

    So if you must describe my spirit, describe it to be a spirit of a dummy learning to be Divine again, knowing that the only way that is to happen, is to learn how to Divinely Think again, that is my mission in life, so along the way, I will share with you that which I learn to know, and you have the opportunity to accept or reject what this dummy share with you, concerning the Divine Truth which must be known and is not foolish believed.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Now, when seeking the Divine Truth, ego has no place on such a journey, neither do envy and jealousy, covered in malice, those are instruments of a fool.

    Beloved, take for instance the Black Race as is today and in view of our track record over the last five hundred years in the diaspora America of the United States, and I have reduced us to this denominator level because the United States Black People have emerged to become the trend setters for Black people in the world.

    Oh yes we have, ego, envy, and jealousy included, Black folks in America set the trend for fads and fashions and for belief and spiritual expression in the Black world, so with that fact, it place a heavy obligation upon the Black Afrikan in America, you who are here by way of the middle passage, whether we accept it or not, and it is the foolish among us who do not take our middle passage journey serious, because that is what have caused us to become the trend setters for Black Afrikan People.

    Now, with that said, tell ME beloved, who but a fool would allow Afrika and a Black Afrikan Nation to become reduced to the level you now observe of Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation to be as it is today?

    Does the state of condition of Afrika and the Black Afrikan People signify and represent intelligence in motion, does Wisdom jump out at you to be in use in view of the present condition of Afrika and the Black Nation?

    So tell me beloved, how would you describe the spirit of the Black Afrikan People today in view of our present condition in the world and our relationship with each other, and when I say spirit, I am excluding your religious definition of spirit, because it is a flawed definition.

    Because religion is flawed, I am asking about the spirit so far used that has gotten Afrika and Black People in the condition you now are looking at Afrika and and the state of the Black Afrikan Nation is today.

    You, many of you being unable to See Afrika and the Black Nation as it was before the coming of Evil into the presence of such Divinity, you will make your description of Afrika and the Black nation condition today to be that of the way we have been told to describe Afrika and Black people condition today.

    Afrika and Black people spirit today is why Afrika and Black people living condition is as it is today and if not describe accurately, it will be obvious of your deception, if your description of our behavior is not done with the Divine Mind.

    If your Divine mind is not under your control, then your sense to mind action, when assesing the present spirit of Black people that have Afrika and the Black Nation to be in the condition it is in today, such a description by you will be as you want it to be and not as it accurately should be described.

    I have given you two description of ourselves which no doubt, many Afrikans take them to be some what derogatory and a put down, and I ask, is Black people life living condition and the spirit we now express, is it derogatory and does it represent a put down of our selves, for us being the way we are and now live our lives without any effort to Divinely change our Black Afrikan Lives?

    So yes, go ahead, describe the Mind spirit of a people that have allowed Afrika to become in the condition it is in today and have allowed a once Black United Nation to become reduced to a camouflage stratum of Tribal Black Afrikans going around boasting about one tribe being better ignorantly intelligent than the other.

    It is a fact that we remain a confused divided Black Afrikan people, playing separate countries in Afrika, something that our oppressors handed to us and we did not do one **** thing about it but take it, and now we go running skinning and grinning and bragging one against the other about who is most civilized advanced among Black people in Afrika , in America, the world over, when the Black Nation is Divided And is dying because of our foolish spirit that come from such a foolish Human Being Mind.

    Show me beloved, where is there Divine intelligence in what you observe of Afrika and Black Afrikan people today.

    The evidence is that there is none being expressed today, based upon the present status of Afrika and Black people in Afrika, America, and the World in general today.

    Yet you have some Black Afrikans trying to engage a debate whether or not Black People with a Divine hate for the way Afrika and the lives of Black People have been crucified and is expressing that Divine Hate to the World any way that they can and any where they can, being told that we first have to get permission from Black people before going out telling the oppressors to go to Hell and to honor the debt of Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Tell me beloved, if you do not confront the criminal, how in hell do you expect to get a conviction and restitution for the victims, all institutions responsible for the down fall of our Enslaved Ancestors and the Black Nation as a whole, as well as Afrika, is under the control of the oppressors.

    There is not one institution in America or the world that is not controlled by Racist Hands an foolish hands, the hands that ripped Black People identity away from us and foolishly govern us, and now we have to seek a New Identity for political reason, so we may be recognized as who we have become and not what we are, because that identity of what we are, is forever to the Black Nation, which verify that we are Divine Black Beings that came to be with earthly residence in a place now referred to as Afrika.

    So tell me beloved, if a Foolish Black Afrikan People are responsible for Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation being in its present condition, it is totally unacceptable to me that we should be described as wise and intelligent Black Afrikans today and if not to you, then describe Black Afrikan people attitudinal behavior that allowed the state of condition of Afrika and the Black Nation to be reduced to what you are observing of it today, if it is not a foolish spirit that allowed the condition of Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation become as it is today.

    As I said at the beginning of this Missive, I am just a dummy learning about my Divine Self, striving never to be a fool about believing who I am and never desiring to know what I Am, because I Am That I Am, And Not Who I have been Made To Become By Evil People in and of this World.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]