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    Fools for Christ

    We have been a fool to Christianity and its creators-the ancient Romans.

    On that note, we have the strangest things going on in the Flavian (Vespasian, Titus and Domitian=the real trinity) household. We have Emperor Vespasian adopting a Jewish turn-coat as his son, and naming him the chief chronicler with full access to Imperial literary records, an enormous position of power. We have Titus choosing a Jewish princess (Berniece)to be his mistress. We have Tiberius Alexander (also a Jew) ranked as chief of the Praetorian Guard. Later we see Emperor Domitian punishing his niece and nephew for (Pope Clemens & Julia) “…straying into the Jewish ways. All of this occurring at the genesis of a new scripture with deep and profound links to Josephus and the Flavian Dynasty, as Joe Atwill found.

    And then we can see how the gospels achieve four convenient things for the Flavians. Firstly, the Messiah has died and becomes a form of worship (no more messianic rebellions against Rome plus taxes). Second, before Jesus dies, he prophesized Titus as his second-coming (divine authority). Third, he announces a new covenant, the “Kingdom of Heaven”, with parables that clearly indicate the Roman Empire. And finally, before the king of the Jews dies, he gives Simon-Peter the “keys to heaven” and he becomes Christ’s appointed leader suceeded to Pope Clemens who marries Domitian cousin. A position that somehow lands upon Titus Flavius Clemens by force, a member of the Imperial family by marriage. Clemens two children (Two Witnesses/Olive trees see Rev 11:3-4) are adopted by Domitian after he kills the Pope. These are some of the things that I find most striking in all this with the Vatican being in the same location of one of the Flavian palaces.

    And in regard to what Joe calls the “barcode typology”, it is disturbingly comprehensible. The Decius Mundus and Son of Mary “stories” are so enigmatically tied to Christian theological concepts that they are like a Rosetta Stone of Josephus’s confessions. I’m not even Christian, but I still get a sense of violation and cold-blooded deception. Definitely a striking scholarly discovery. I dare say Atwill may be to New Testament theology what Darwin was to the biological sciences.

    The Decius Mundus story is the whole chapter 11 in his book “Caesar‘s Messiah“. It explains in full Josephus mentioning of Jesus in his writings. It solves the puzzle. But some are too scared to read it because it might give evidence that we have been made fools of. Lets not give the Flavians the last laugh.

    To see the relationship between Jesus and Titus or Paul letters and Revelations to Domitian, all that is needed is to view Jesus ministry as it relates to the war between the Romans and Jews recorded by Josephus War of the Jews. Symbols long thought to have been based on Christian love may really be images of Roman conquest. Titus military campaign had a conceptual outline parallel to Jesus ministry, which is a parody of Titus military events. This parody represents the comedy act in the Gospels we have been made fools of.Christ (1 Cor 4:10).