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my sistah...now you know I'm feeling this. Discrimination. We expect to be discriminated against by other races that consider themselves superior. However, it is sickening...maddening when racial discrimination rears it's ugly head amongst our own people. We talk about Umoja (unity) but who's really striving for it? We are such a divided people! It's a result of the brainwashing by slavemasters etc. There are some communities where the unification is tight. But I sometimes question whether we/black/african-american/africans, all african people throughout America and the diaspora will ever truly unite. We all may do our part here and there but I'm talking as a whole.

Again, I am feeling this 100%. Been thinking along these lines since yesterday. We really need to stop this intra-racial hatred and learn to love and accept each other as the black/african race that we are. We ALL
come from the same place, AFRICA!!! and we ALL have the same mother, AFRICA!!! Let's show her and ourselves some RESPECT. Stop this foolishness, let's have some togetherness!!! UMOJA!!!!! :cool:

in '78, while in college, i spoke--HELLO--to a red bone--a light-skin complexioned sistah--who turnt her head in disdain. to this, i asked, "did your parents send you to college to learn stupidity?"

too many of us have become reLAXed in our thinking...thinking that we're where we wanna be...gone as far as we're gonna go...have the freedom to do all we can do. it is this attitude that's dragging US down.

blakverb, in his post "off da top thinking" said: "...they run from flatfoots in NIKES to that basketball dribbled Anthem (but ****, that beat is cool)....and I can Bob my head to that BEAT but I'd rather BEAT my head trying to figure out why so many of us don't do business with B.O.B (blak owned businesses)...and why we selling out? " {HOPE YOU DON'T MIND MY USING YOUR WORDS, BLAK}

how many times have you gone into a city and located a copy of the BLACK pages...which lists the B.O.B. of that city? do we care? even when we know, do we utilize their services? if not, how can we claim to be in support of US when WE step around US everyday. hmmm.

matching chains...
still suffering the same.

let the river flow.

learning something new...

although I don't travel as often as I would like, I never knew that there was such a thing as Black pages. That is interesting and something that I'll remember during my future travels. Thanks baller.:wink:

I've learned that lots of US (not myself) feel that some black owned business overcharge for their merchandise. So what they do is burn 5 dollars in gas to get to the suburban malls/shopping centers and spend 100.00 dollars on AN outfit, have lunch (additional $5-8.) then burn $5. more in gas to get back to the city. In total, they've spent roughly 140. incl. taxes supporting an establishment that doesn't support them (US). Me, I'd rather spend that money in a black owned fabric store, resteraunt or whatever. Then people always complain about how black businesses can't survive in the city or cry that there aren't any/enough black businesses. Well dammit, I wonder why!!!!!!!:mad:

Feelin your thoughts baller...:)
divide and conquer

we were divided long ago, amazingly the mindset still exists in this present day,

we will never be together although i do feel a calamity
will bring support
but until sadly every man (woman) for themselves

i would love to stand united

but the crevice is too deep

do like i do show your support where and when you can
that's all you can do until the day of reckoning


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