Food For Thought/New Year New Beginnings

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    Beyond my own understanding
    Thanks for the encouragement..

    I have also looked back on this year and all the mess that I have endured and yes I'm still here, and that is a blessing in it's self. I have felt a shift though and I know 2008 is my year. I have already came up with a few new year resolutions that I have never considered ever before. What I can say though about the list is that it deals with my spiritual well being. I am thankful, very thankful for this website because it is changing my life. I remember when I had first came across this site I think in 2005 or 2006, and I didnt like what was being said on threads because it challenged my religion (christianity). But for some reason I kept coming back and I am glad I did. I still have a lot of catching up to do. I have a reading list prepared for me. It is starting to come together. I know that when I become distraught about old thoughts, that my ancestors are preparing me for an awakening, like my mind is purging itself as such thoughts surface. I will never forget the morning when I was awaken by the sound of a gong in my ear. It's true when they say the truth is stranger than fiction. I plan on releasing my fears to search for and accept the truth. And one of my truths is that tv does contribute to brainwashing. I am starting to recognize how the media subliminally speaks to my mind and how I view myself, sometimes I find myself wanting to conform (ex: straightening my hair). But anyway I dont want to keep babbling on. Again I just wanted to say thank you sis!!