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Would employing delivery drivers locally reduce abortion rate, crimes and the rate and welfare?

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    I done denied masonic recruitment time and time again
    seen horrifying details with secret buildings to come out pacing to myself wondering are they still tracking me like they you (echoing)
    a grade point average stops at 4
    my intelligence is not my wisdom and my intellect is karmic infinite-fold (echoing)
    i done cut homies and homegirls off cause their eye is not deep enough from their own mouths
    it ain't no secret this country is built on masonry from your christian programmed point of views
    watch your own movie if you can
    while human beings are still looking for love
    the inner being who grows invisibly through each and every moment in that mirror is never sought after
    quite a beautiful disaster
    and quietly the god and goddess within sleeps
    books are mindsets
    to be read disregarded sewn and reaped
    lyrics without notes are just literature...
    i got my own scripts
    do you believe in fake news?
    or do you know the real news?
    nevermind their distractions
    if my delivery business completes 300 delivery orders
    at the service fee of 1.50 unbacked currency
    minus the delivery fee and driver's tip entitled to each and every driver
    450 dollars from 9am-10pm has been made
    do not forget to them taxes
    is what my inside guy being tells me everyday and everynight (echoing)
    power is precious insight into mind my own business
    i never been married to earth and know at this level progressing i will only be married to my Empire
    as a single commercial driver and pilot
    otherwise known as driving through obstacles plus flying over my own mountains
    i am a true evolutionary racist without competition fearless never ignorant getting goals accomplished by any means necessary (echoing)
    meaning i race against my last times varying speeds shifting through my own transmissions
    if reading and writing effectively is the answer to all educational problems
    then why not employ writers to create ethnomathematics and sciences?

    Now that is what i am talking about
    written to be spoken at a certain level in megahertz no doubt
    cause first you help your tree
    then proceed to reach out cautiously with positive anger smiling nonpolitically
    steadily after over 200K is reached for the year
    i can chose to start building my own school K-12 13 School University
    after all academic books are published to my own built library
    which needs to be done before constructing my university
    makes sense doesn't it?
    And even more build a museum after my university's finale
    take my multiple genius mindset and build a circular music temple
    to reprogram negative musical mindsets with different musical formations of instrumentalists
    no vocals necessary
    the multimillions i seen on paper will turn into billions
    and those billions will turn into trillions and so on
    option i can make tens to hundreds of human beings into trillions
    all it take is employment
    instead of an stock market exchange i rather do an option and reserve exchange
    you can still be a S type corporation which means being private
    strategize as 100 and build a vault to hold reserves to be offered as options to the closed captioned public...
    plus i am not a minority...
    you must be crazy if i attend a meeting of minorities
    cause i am not a minor neither minority when i am a majority
    go to las vegas to get real money backed
    then again if this information is available to all
    plus mathematics
    including sciences
    and you work it
    your family is with you
    then they say "stay focus, be cautious and be careful"
    so you know i took two steps back
    watched some more surroundings
    i talk to more businessmen
    and more businesswomen
    on the street everyday and everynight folks
    my advice to any who do not associate themselves with any black organization and even multicultural
    and just to themselves striving one moment at a time
    like an surging indigo child would
    or like trampled rose reviving
    and make sure if you are a single male
    with no homosexuality
    with or without a criminal record
    with no personal female tie
    with no dogmatic religious tie
    i highly suggest you get a degree from a college
    just for the public eye satisfaction
    when it comes to building a school
    and this is just standard protocol
    i use six sigma without numbers to save money correct?
    okay so my whole funding is coming from self
    no governmental grants and loans
    no outsider help
    and do not downgrade anybody
    cause you are not that person seriously...
    walk in your own shoes
    and trust me on this one...
    you will encounter problems
    and if you are a mathematician
    then a problem can and will be solved...
    just make sure you got that X and Garveyian mindset
    get focused on maintaining a Mansa Musa complex
    yet be yourself to the maximum
    carry the spiritual essence of the strongest ancestral females you know
    cause in these days and nights of time you are not supported and will not be
    unless you are seen as an entertainer and public figured
    and see when you get into an arena of writing your own books
    building your own library and museum
    and university
    and own Empire
    within your own first Dynasty
    "reconnecting" with your lineages
    you will become a "target"
    so be prepared to stand firm in every dream worked into a vision
    and yes "write your own scripts"
    cause your life is basically a movie
    direct your life
    with wisdom
    and stay in your lane
    cause it is a reason why you were picked to carry-out a specific vision
    to be completed...
    move in silence as much as you can
    i myself use the internet just to communicate
    with others that might be on the same path
    and i am here to tell you please keep on going
    do not participate in revolution
    do not even think about it
    you continue to develop yourself
    and establish a dynamic history for yourself
    and for the Ancestors you choose
    and you are not a threat
    if you do not participate in their society
    surviving to your fullest
    get creative with your food stockpiling
    water springs and storing
    i would recommend putting honey in some of my water
    the true black bee kind
    sealing it in plastic
    jamming fruits
    so bottom line if my Ancestors built schools
    to help elevate everyone around them
    then me too i am going to do it
    cause it is not about revolution
    it is about evolution of art
    if i wanna paint a picture where safety progress and vibration needs to be elevated
    when i settle down in a specific place
    it is like a drop of water in a body of water
    the drop ripples even beyond physical imagination and sight
    so reality for me has to be created without contest and confrontation
    we as in the humans i do not know can meet at the table
    and i can employ privately with safeguarding practices
    ensuring i and the communities i affect benefits both ways
    with excelling entrepreneurial spirit soulfully....

    Stop with the i need a job...transportation runs most of everything and create a business in order to supply jobs and others to further their own entrepreneurial wanna fly an airplane then go do it then create an private to public airline, you wanna drive commercial trucks then go do it and turn around to make a trade school or further your journey in other lands legally and finally you wanna steer a ship then do it and get the card plus turn around and create a school just like with an aircraft whether it is a helicopter or jet....get a skill and a college degree to be mended you great! Forget that excellent!! For delivery driving you would need cabbie sign plus design, get a Square account or Paypal, get an mobile app which will help you and the customer have access to all restaurants (not the grocery stores) and please do not watch television or partake in social media unless it is the building of your empire cause remember the media controls the mind of the masses....make sure you got your business insurance and know your tax responsibility and learn how to offshore plus accounting software and seek passports to get that skill transferred in another land where a stock market is to put your corporation on the market...hell make your own stock market exchange! Spread the word you can fly an airplane as early as 16-17! Peace entrepreneurs...peace.
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