Black Poetry : Folks observe my quotes and words decisions are made as religions are played in biblical form which


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May 11, 2006
Folks observe my quotes and words decisions are made
as religions are played in biblical form which brings parade
and political storm but no physical harm have to duck grenades
got struck by blades like WESLEY SNIPES not even a vampire
can hep me, itch in a way which say he sit around campfires
the wind blow, have a phat desire and a flat tire and this requires
attention, this is not the nicest crisis was totally unprepared
my thoughts strange but really ought to change and put air
in this flat need an affair girls where you at? It's hard to bare
being alone, face smeared with dirt brain cleared and alert
persevered while you flirt my true love been drug through
the mud, girls sweet and renown streak of oil on the ground boo
his car leak go to the bar up the street see a girl in bra that's
sweet breasts poking dress half open love game up to par with stats
HE SAID: “BOO let me flip on a tune you can strip in the room kiss
your lips and smell perfume all his game fell doom soon wanna reminisce
girl you softly strut got a coffee cup need to refill to proceed with ill
intentions, my excuse strange like loose change it rattle in pockets will
straddle some chocolate for real, he looked at her lips and wish
for a brisk kiss under her skirt hot juice not in use, fine mermaid fish
girl your lace is fine lets don't waste time with wild chatter use style
in this matter involve love our job is to hug and kiss like this so smile
now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH you A Philippine queen
you a hot cute should let me knock them boots, then oh shoots extreme
love can occur after they hold hands he kiss her lips oh gosh a Philippine
girl go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH, facts and appraisals can convince
but a lackadaisical defense can leave your head adrift , feel tired a dense
deal is required from the cake date standpoint, girl you flirt lips red some
boys lie inert in bed that mini-skirt messed up my head feel kinda dumb
not to pay attention to this, girl your pies smooth at a boss party as my eyes
move across your body toss the Bacardi grab the wine vocab fine lullaby's
are sung your pies got me sprung dang boo gone give me some multiple tries”
“NAW PLAYER she wear panties and bra up under my skirt do a thunder twerk my
butt shake boys wanna cut cake and one ate the whole plate and call me
a sweet heart because I'm street smart it's a deep start for a love affair see
PHILLIPINE chicks wet a lot and get hot so lets pop the top on this soda pop
and sip and understand while we grip the can even though my skirt is not
down all the way but it is now and somehow boys still imagine stuff hop
on the bandwagon and understand dragons when MERLIN is hurling props
for magic and drop tragic on those with no flows she learn not to burn but voice
concern about those who didn't , get sweaty fast and spend petty cash his choice
is to stay ready to smash her cherries she best duck or she can get her breast suck
and dress thrown up in the air to begin and affair, nowadays boys have pot luck
oh her breasts hot wanna put her on the desktop and go crazy yelling and stuff”
if their lips touch tonight it would give them such a fright, too much tonight is rough
“REMEMBER BEING in the back of this building a boy came with fact and chilling
no one around oh he was sprung and wanted some, she was wearing a min-skirt filling
his fantasy, her capacity bend to a nasty trend classy depend on the situation sassy
within her own right Philippine chicks got sex appeal boys be dog like LASSIE
oh my skirt was up moving my thing work that butt some conversation
jest domination he pumped up my head a girl can't escape this it make
the list oh gosh got brain washed panties remain squash, can't jest take
and dry them, his words dominate my head he wanna accommodate
me to bed, oh PHILLIPINE girls go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH
must watch my quota and sip scotch and soda a notch on my TOYOTA
Just blew the doors off a HONDA, must escape don't trust my cake to him
plus tomorrow in class the sorrow will flash before my eyes can't do this
even after a true kiss far as my lips go a few miss I'm now on a new list
boys give my waist plenty squeeze and many believe that we are lovers
like DANNY GLOVER it's the color purple so whoopie Goldberg discovers
a good friend, now his flows strong while she try keep her clothes on he
put a rose on her desk along with a love letter at the club never be
lonely she could only think, at the house alone aroused by phone a boy
wanna come over driving a dumb NOVA made by CHEVY that's heavy toy
with a girl's mind, boys wanna keep an eye on my sweet pie even on
the streets but why well guess because she strut fly and breathing strong
HE SAID: “LOOK BOO your body stable and hot unable to stop dreaming
or refrain from sleep you dame and deep well he go to the club and check
find love and respect adore a fine chick pour the wine quick what the heck
take a romantic toast her thing wet like the Atlantic coast, most of the time
it's a love overdose wanna unbutton your dress done sudden to test her asinine
emotions not a crime in an ocean of wetness, now this is Black HIPHOP designed
for VIRGINIA BEACH rap to a PHILLIPINE chick and my hormones are crazy now
he's first rate and thirst for cake like BETTY CROCKER stay ready and proper somehow
concern about haters and their returned to theaters as anticipated see a chick as he
predict they're gonna date he really want her cake but right now this PHILLIPINE be
all he can handle can't stand to gamble with this his car paint enamel and brisk
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