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    Floyd Mayweather’s #AllLivesMatter stance shows how removed he is from black economic reality

    Don't worry #AllLivesMatter supporters, Floyd "Money" Mayweather is in your corner...

    The retired boxing star told Tha Boxing Voice recently that his sport taught him that people who back #blacklivesmatters should just learn to “follow directions” and “follow order.”

    Mayweather also added, “Don’t give nobody a hard time.”

    Was that the money talking? Mayweather has earned an estimated $700 million during his boxing career. He’s spending his time now as a full-fledged boxing promoter and still occupies a prominent space among black celebrities.

    But should he be?

    Black America is racing toward an existential identity crisis, and shock waves like Mayweather saying #AllLivesMatter or even Lil Wayne standing by his statement that racism does not exist are just the beginning.

    *T.I., Model Jessica White Rip Floyd Mayweather’s ‘All Lives Matter’ interview

    In some ways, we’ve built these actors, athletes and singers up as pseudo saviors – as a decadent veil for some of our own shrinking financial prospects. Success and high level of personal wealth many black celebrities have achieved can pit them against the realities of black America’s economic despair.