Black Poetry : Flow wild scriptures got profile pictures on my medallion

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    Flow wild scriptures got profile pictures on my medallion

    Strong like a stallion in rap a rodeo in the studio a battalion

    Of words, rap wearing plenty bling will adapt to anything

    Accommodate circumstances and dominate romances cling

    To wall like chewed bubblegum it’s troublesome to rhyme

    Like crazy have ballistic statistics not realistic to be blind

    Online, it’s time to confess nickel and dime don’t impress

    Ride in a hummer oblige the summer chicks in the back seat to test

    My seat springs just completely eat that thing and suck breasts

    Knowledge grow brisk and co-exist I know a kiss when I see

    One, disease are frequent and MC’S are recent must cop a plea

    And examine the famine that exists I’m lonely and hungry

    Need cornflakes never adorn fakes but porn makes strongly

    Suggestions for sex, my art slays the parts played by stage

    Folks got a page of quotes from Shakespeare fans amazed

    The nights strange willing for a slight change had my flight

    Rearranged now a winner wise on the Enterprise certain height

    Have to rap alert like CAPTAIN KURT but now got an extreme

    Hottie so beam me up Scottie wow got razors by the ton my team

    Got their phazors on stun ready to blister some drops make it

    Logical like MISTER SPOCK, adapt and adjust rap is a must git

    The traps and dust them off, accompany folks to the door write

    Quotes galore and really hope has torn through my brain tonight

    Now here at Taylor Do It Center last night blew it with a fine chick now

    My mind sick in search for another which will require somehow

    Two or more action can’t ignore satisfaction in the bedroom so

    Love talk accompany my speech apparatus as I try reach loco

    Date status walking around looking for nuts and bolts sees

    A girl that struts I hope I can reach her head that’ll be

    Great get some cake for sure; love talk can bring us together

    By degrees wearing bling I bought overseas this a forever

    Thing with me the dust accumulates must sniff her perfume

    And cakes they bakes like Betty Crocker she’ll really doomed

    When her boyfriend sees her probably want some on the spot

    Rather they’re at home or not probably go crazy juices so hot

    Can’t do the renowned math sex cums around their path after a bath

    Water streaming down her tits wanna go down town lick a little bit

    She wouldn’t know what to do cupcakes so true oh she tells him to quit

    That doesn’t mean a lot because now her cream is hot about to have a fit

    Wow she have nice boobs and like ICE CUBE this is a good day but

    Don’t know what to say she probably get hot when she shop a lot, luck

    Running out she’s stunning no doubt funning on route to talk with her

    “So look boo back home the facts are known that sex can attack hormones

    Right now I’m beat up need a heap of luck to keep up with cell Phones

    We could text the sex, so my army is in harmony with bed battle so

    My head is rattled and like misled cattle I stampede and go loco

    Don’t play games I wanna stay and remain for sex and cake

    Tongue and stuff definitely sprung enough girl you have a lake

    Of juice, girl I thrill dames and fill their aims by smashing sheets

    Wanna secure you with hugs and pure love which is a cure unique

    In a club, have a menu for a dame which turns into a chain of thought

    Wanna connect with your lace and wreck a place somewhere caught

    Up in a bedroom have to be clever so I can see better boo forever

    Let me love you that’s what a thug do, your thing really get wetter

    It’s better if we jest date, that’s our best fate, I wanna flow like BIGGIE

    And that’s not below my dignity boo let’s get jiggy feeling so rigidly

    Your lips allure fast can’t endure and last without kissing your red

    Lips the bed grips my mind while my head sips wine your

    Cake instead make me trip online need a cup to somehow pour

    Your sweetness, boo in HIPHOP we can be lip locked galore

    It’s a lame fact that my main lack is not having a dame

    To contact amended my luck, ended up canceling dates to tame

    My emotions seen romance melt while my pants want a belt a girl

    Gets a chance to help we both learns new dance steps boo the world

    Spins as you my girlfriend a whirlwind in bed just diamonds and pearls

    Girl I adore your sweets we can have sex get more sleep, not

    A fool I can read you have the tools I need to get started on a hot

    Trip to the bedroom where I kiss your lips and perfume this I’m not

    Out of tune with sex, you brown and hot around the clock