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May 11, 2006
Flow well but like a hotel change hands after strange plans were received
make a hot choice and at the top of my voice cry out want pie no doubt believe
I can get some, home potion lead to strong emotions alone oceans roar like trains
standing at your door let me explain now this BLACK HIPHOP seem to remain
need cream from a dame my hormones are acting up and smacking my luck
have strange desires must change my tires over at FIRESTONE jacking it up
to put on dubs and gone to the clubs strong in the name of love I want a cup
of coffee saw a girl move her butt softly, this may involve cake but don't wish
to obligate myself to anyone until a plenty is done in the way of love kiss
and stay at the club, her hips round lips brown make my brain trip around
now this is BLACK HIPHOP at the tiptop of VIRGINIA BEACH, down
with party, “LOOK BOO quicker hunt on a particular month frequent rapping
and events happen, snapping my fingers if a date show up with a wet do-nut
that's you girl you phat boo and boys be at you, I live for pie so I flow but
lose some, so in detail you've been a female in a mini-skirt but no luck
in my behalf, wanna hold your hand during a hot flirt undoubtedly my
plan has not worked, and with a strange romance must arrange in advance
and take a trip to love land and have a club plan PETER PAN chance
could fly off and girl your pie so soft, we equipped with decisions after
lip collisions in the bed “NAW PLAYER I didn't know a chick can get
stuck in a boy's pick up truck it happened after some legit rapping a wet
situation exist it was sex and a kiss me being a brown SOUL SISTA yet
to give it up oh my thing so hot and wet he begin the romance in advance
with a mad chance of making love and taking me to the club may enhance
his chance thighs open pies smoking he lies hoping to get some, I see you
agree to do some love talk here in this DODGE TRUCK large duck flew
over our heads and he quack like AFLAC oh my thing is so wet right now
we both should agree on pie and see eye to eye on stuff he want it oh wow
my lips sweaty stats and red luck and like a heavy flatbed truck they hauls
a load of love and explode in clubs with kisses he think this junk calls
for a celebration couldn't close my thighs as a rose flies across my nose
he may propose may have to go hose my hormones to cool down my toes
even hot in this truck, a short letter is a note I get all sorts of clever quotes
a long walk is a hike and your strong talk I like you've taught hype and jokes
to girls, there's smoke that twirl around for period of time and there are
spirit online, mix suspense like the SIX SENSE I see dead folks my car
starts on its own legit and have shown butt and that has blown up in boy's
mind they freak on streets to crush mean to smash you wanna rush and smash
my cherries BUT BOO DIG my flow like figs doe I cut my big toe on
a sharp stone while playing a harp at home a shark alone will become strong
and eat fish now give me a sweet kiss oh he jest kissed her lips her breasts
has nips, she flexed her feet next the body heat sex has a sweet effect best
stay cool, feast on pies and that increase the size of my hormones not wise
to be in car alone recognize go to a bar or home” “NAW PLAYER I wanna dose
and think and my panties are rose pink, oh you sprung wanna toy some got BOSE
speakers in the truck and they fired up come to love talk I'm required to duck a sweet
truck but I was ready to leap up and leave this place but he squeezed my waist to keep
pace with a sexual rampage, oh my thing glow and itch and to throw mean to pitch
kgo wear ABER CRUMBIE AND FITCH I'm brown cute with perfume and you
probably wearing FRUIT OF THE LOOM underwear, thunder down there now who
flow more and go shore like ships with the type script that float like boats in hopes
of catching a mermaid don't know how long I can last because a strong blast of jokes
and love talk could blow my dress up and he'll be impress with my do-nut with cream
in the middle so he dream a little bout getting to smash this, talk trash to redeem
himself emotions started to stem I left -----THE END


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