Black Poetry : Flow Some Facts


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Apr 1, 2001
Flow Some Facts

A breath-a-lizer is a tranquilizer for your driving obey it and
Keep surviving deep diving into the truth
Arriving into the game my rhymes to you is the proof
Rolling in style like General Colon Powell secretary of state
This is the Pan Handle demand to light a candle and handle a debate
Scandals not great scramble to escape last night had an Earthquake
In Alaska, going to California for a cease-fire like Macedonia yall
Ammonia on call got a James Bond inflatable jacket in case I fall
Saw a mean drug dealer in an eighteen-wheeler at the mall
Shock on the block illogical like Mr. Spock the CLeon commander
Going to retire like Deon Sander

Yo on horseback to voice facts no remorse on the attack
Some cats have no choice in being a maniac
Flavor multiplies indeed and satisfies your need even the
Skies feed off my evaporation with rhyme adaptation cause
Decapitation to any whack nation
If you smoke crack this is the exact interpretation
I read words out loud, never absurd in a crowd
Not even a bird can fly above this cloud
Of dust after the rap fields are plowed
Got my entire class of thugs ready to blast scrubs proud
Try to show pleasure and flow treasure then go measure
The facts in my ledger
Let’s see one and two is three done with this rap spree
Cats want to slap me then take a crap and pea
Incidents flash to mind, smash rhyme
On past time trust Hip Hop must adopt style with this
Rip out kidneys and lift piss
The gift of bliss for some it’s characteristic to stay whack
And experience realistic payback specialize in rhyme
Why you surprise I drink wine?
Recognize it’s mine that climb to the top, time to blow
Up the spot microphone get hot a lot, rhymes like ceramics
Got **** it they’re so dynamic especially when I slam it
Official boss with initial cost make profit when I drop it
First time in history the worse rhyme is a mystery
Rhymes like crazy and aligns gravy for my rice



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