Black People : Florida authorities ready to issue arrest warrant for Trayvon Martin's killer: report


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Mar 1, 2010
Florida authorities ready to issue arrest warrant for Trayvon Martin's killer: report

Florida authorities are reportedly about to issue an arrest warrant for George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Special prosecutor Angela Corey plans to announce charges Wednesday afternoon, The Washington Post reported.

Charges are expected at 6 p.m. Wednesday, NBC News reported.

The developments were published while Trayvon’s parents and their lawyer were speaking to activists at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network in Washington, D.C.

“We cannot confirm that. We have no knowledge of that,” Sharpton said. “We haven’t been reading our emails while we’ve been talking. We’re polite.”

Trayvon’s parents said they fear Zimmerman is on the lam.


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Dec 2, 2007
Dogville, USA
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My perception is that Zimmerman's family, his attorneys who conveniently quit just in time to avoid being charged with hiding a fugitive, the Florida special prosecutor, and the Sanford police dept are all working together to postpone, if not prevent, Zimmerman from ever being tried, let alone convicted, for his crime.

They are certainly acting like folks who know they are doing something wrong.

Meanwhile, the George Zimmerman who none of them are publicly admitting to knowing where he is now has a website. But, don't even bother to go there to get the 'facts' which his supporters keep saying are going to clear his name once they come out. His website appears to have been designed by someone with all the expertise of a preschooler. And, other than providing a PayPal link to send him donations, there is not a word there that anyone hasn't already heard:


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Dec 13, 2010
Texas...for now.
I don't see why anyone's all that surprised by what's going on in Fl.
It IS florida....

When I was there, a teacher mowed down 5 kids...and got off.
Pedophiles were kidnaping and killing children by the dozens. SEVERAL high-profile cases came straight out of Fl.
A teacher carried on an affair with a student...and rec'vd a slap on the wrist.
Terry Schaivo. <- Nuff said.

...and this isn't the first time that an unarmed black person was shot by the Tampa/Hillsborough/Pinellas county police who thought him armed. Of course, I understand what it is to be in harm's way...but the issue of 'mistaken identity' surely doesn't seem to happen as much to men of other races.

...and yes - cops in Tampa DO 'profile'. I was on a date and we were stopped because...I don't know.
Everything was 'current'. I was 22 and recall it being one of the strangest experiences ever.

When he asked for our DL's, I gave him my military id.
I searched my clutch, but it would seem that I just up and 'forgot' my driver's license at home...whoopsies.:wink:
He looked at my license and put the light in my face again. Eyed our ID's and began making small talk.
"So, you like Florida, 'ma'am'?"
"Yeah...I just got here."
"Yeah...we received our pick stateside when we returned home from 'theater'. So, Florida it was..." <-- A generous and bald-faced lie. *laugh* I'd ducked deployment. A colleague went in my stead. *smirk*

Maybe he caught on to what I was doing and maybe he didn't. Point is, if not for me? We would've been 'frisked' or something. I'm sure of it. The guy couldn't even tell us why we were being stopped. Some bulls...t answer.

Anyway - why'd I do it?
3 reasons:
- Cops respect the military. Some are prior-service. That I'm a vet of a war makes me more respectable.
- I was letting him know in a subtle way that I would be missed and, should anything lawful occur, a stink would be raised.
- Most cops appear to have an affinity for military folk...and there's a rank structure in the police force...which could mean that he's likely also 'rank conscious' ... and would possibly defer to MY military rank and 'authoritah'...with gentle nudging.
I was commissioned, by the way. Not a sr officer...but commissioned, either way.
...and he did.
"Have a good evenin', L.T." <-- Ah, 'prior'.
I called it.

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