African American History Culture : FLAT EARTH INFO: More Proof That We Have Been Lied Too.

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    I was watching TV and saw a Hennessy Commercial "Hennessy Commercial 2016 The Piccards Advert" I was interested in the way they portrayed this person and his adventure to the stratosphere, so I went and researched this man and found out some very interesting facts which I will share with you today.

    Popular Science Magazine Ten Miles High in an AIR-TIGHT BALL
    Issue: Aug, 1931
    Posted in: Aviation
    Tags: balloons

    In 1931 Professor Auguste Piccard / Swiss Physicist, Inventor & Explorer took the first ever balloon flight high above the Earth to the stratosphere and discovered a flat plane with upturned edges. In his Pressurized aluminum gondola he reached 51.775 feet about 10 miles above the Earth. This is his story, a story which has been omitted from our education system.

    Here are interesting quotes and Facts from Professor Auguste Piccard that have been deliberately omitted from our education system

    The Firmament: according to Auguste Piccard

    Quote from article "Piccard and his aid found cosmic rays, mysterious radiations from outer space, far more powerful than at the earth’s surface, and gaged their intensity. The explorers trapped samples of the upper air, “blue air,” as Piccard reported it to appear, in cylinders."

    The Earth Is A Flat Circle according to Auguste Piccard

    "In the first half hour the balloon shot upward nine miles. Through portholes,the observers saw the earth through copper-colored, then bluish, haze. It seemed a flat disk with upturned edge."

    The Sky is "WATER" DEEP BLUE COLOR: according to Auguste Piccard

    " At the ten-mile level the sky appeared a deep, dark blue."

    Please people RESEARCH before you follow what the media and our school systems teach!

    any questions about our Flat earth and Fake satellites?