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    Hey all In this past month I wanted to build an app for my bank so in doing so I need to learn it, cause nobody will build me one for free... so as I always do I went to learn how to build an App. The first thing I learned was you need to know where the app is going IOS or Android It seems easier with Android so I started there. I then learned what program is best for making Android Apps and found Android Studios 2.1... Now I got a program, but when I downloaded it I apparently needed more programs like Java... OMG this seemed like so much to learn, but I smoke some weed with some friends and came back to it.. Then I found some videos on Youtube and it got simpler. I learned from a guy on how to build flappy bird. then I made a few changes. BTW it is a lot more to code a game than it is a website... to see my apps you can go to my site and click the link.

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