Black Poetry : Flames Of Gold !!!

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    Just like the famed Kidd Capre I'm out here building up my sweet legacy
    Have you ever been down to the lowest pit & you realized no one gives a ****
    life can be so strange when your out here playing with the rap game
    it used to be something maybe its a thing of the past that rhyme would last
    steady as my hand creates the melody with creative bars of variety
    many just do what they please when their out spreading the disease
    sugar is sweet so sweet like honey I'm going to be the man bringing home the money
    nothing phony its all been done before the crowd outside is cheering for more
    but i wear my sunglasses at night to see the light of the police cars I got bars
    chosen to mix I must confess that life is one big test got to get this

    the streets are so phony when your broke with no money offering no opportunity
    as a casual calamity getting stuck in the middle playing second fiddle
    got to watch my rhymes falling in the right lines the ab, ab, ab sequence
    better watch your step I'm here to confess I'm still the crowd pleaser don't want nothing else neater...
    with flames of gold you will do as you are told until the very rights to your are sold
    all the world is a stage and the people are actors like your playing a game of the X Factor
    The Ghetto peeps be blasting their stereo folks are pimping their rides where you get the good blow...
    meeting peeps for a block party with burgers and beer having your forty in your glory
    The Ghetto folks think they know ya even from the girl that blown ya
    nothing can take you higher where you can flirt with the fire

    Arm me with harmony as I then approach the valley folks are kind a stuck up with their noses in the air..
    The rich become richer the quick become quicker just don't call me late for dinner
    From the high class they can kiss my *** cause I'm proud of where I came not pulling any names...
    Graduation, ex communication & bringing home the bacon
    Intellectuals, Philosophers & no it all's together no matter what the weather I'm as light as a feather...
    so let me tie this all together where all the melting pot of society suckers playing in the game of reality
    from all colors & denominations best we all take a break on a long vacation
    so why are you sweating when I'm confessing how true rap truly shines
    to all of my critics you see you can kiss my fat behind cause hustlers want to pimp me and ******* want to be with me cause this is my reality