Black People : Flamboyant politicians wanted to rouse intellects and not emotions

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    Gil Noble repeated a world class documentary he made of Dr Adam Clayton Powell Jr, made around the early 80s last Sunday, on Like it Is.

    It is an important part of African American history to keep and share amongst the family

    Powell stated that at one point he ran on the Democratic, Republican and Labor party(socialist) Primary ticket in NYC,at a time when 1/3 of the city was segregated

    and won all 3 unanimously

    he made more legistaure then any conressman in the historty of the United States and at ne time was over 45% othe national budjet by virtue of the numerous committees he chaired

    Yaeh but Malcolm said how can wecall ourselves Americans if we sit at a table and there is nothing on our plate

    so Powell hallmarked Malcolm X to speak his message not only to the people of his church, but to the press cameras he as a statesmen had sent there.

    Powell made sure the Harlem community, understood that he made the claim in the white house that their foreign policy was a joke a sham and a fraud by seeking human rights in other antions while we as black folks did not have human rights right here

    Powell desired to form a Black network of the NOI, NAACP,SCLC and Black nationalists organizations

    when questioned about Stokley Carmichael's(Kwame Ture') advocacy of the new term Black Power, he stated for the record that he whole heartedly embraced that idea and philosphy

    when Malcolm spoke about Black men buying arms to protect themselves he stood in his pulpit and said that we have every right to do so

    and to respect the intellect of the grassroots of the Harlem community, he actually had an entire setion of congress , a real setion , not a show or front

    to be held right in the middle of the tenemets where the grassroots folks lived and not up in the fancy areas and shopping areas of Harlem at time

    there was no one more flamboyant then this Hip Cat,
    but he used his intellect and commitment to the Black community to bring back the services from Washington to grassroot folks, and like Malcolm, Martin, Garvey and Wilson, he desired to stimulate and elevate the intellectual aspect of each sister and brother in the community raher then play on our emotions