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Aug 9, 2003
Also please do post more verifiable sources to back up your personal opinions...


Jul 2, 2003

At least seven percent of black men will experience severe depression during their lifetime, and their death rates by suicide are twice as high as those of black women, notes therapist Dr. Terrie M. Williams, author of “Black Pain: It Only Looks Like We’re Not Hurting.”

Williams, who is a friend of mine, also points out that black men abuse alcohol more than white men, white women and black women, and are likely to adopt a “who cares” mentality to “guard against the disappointment of dashed hopes and lack of chances of being someone in a culture that at every turn says the color of your skin means you’re inferior, not worthy, or just nothing.”

I don't agree many do not feel inferior. It is the programming Bro Orison shares.
There is anger, despair and a willingness from us a Men and Women ( punished because we do know there is a heaven ) to try sometimes to give into cooperation. But when a boot is placed in your neck, like the Nazi did in Jackboots it is totally unacceptable to everyone.

That is what you see across the world Nazi practices are vile, disgusting even to so many.
The World said after WWll No more and yet it still exist.
That is what u see. The allowance and liking by so many just a few to this vile disdain for mankind and true happiness.. we aren't hurting each other all the time, but frustrations and drugs and drink have us twisted real bad.. that is a trick.. drink and drugs .. allowing it to pumped in like candy, on every street corner and a little is OK in moderation to relax, because we are catching hell.. Must know... self destruction is the easy fix to foolishness

These listed issues all added up could be why that is confusing to many . Depression doesn't discriminate.
I here / know folks speaking like there are no issues in mind, parting all the time, not a care in the world, but under that MASK as Paul Lawrence Dunbar a famous Black Poet wrote.. " WE WEAR THE MASK "

We are attempting to show we cry and care about Living..

He is the Grandfather of Ebonics in my opinion..
He wrote in Ebonics so we could enjoy and learn what he was saying..
Maya Angelou grew up on his poetry as many others did..
I grew up reading his poetry, it is both written during a Slavery Times, Hard Jim Crow times and read and cherished as good poetry all across the world.
Accept by our children you want to know History
Get it first hand from his writings and
the 100's of slave narratives that are free to read .. I have a link.
Then bring back what is learned and speak on the truth again

Before the movie twelves years a slave.. A true slave narrative is " Seven Years a slave.. a re-write by Hollywood and they sold our History into the world again


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Jan 15, 2021
This will happen a few more generations in my opinion, until young, open minded people will change those with conservative visions.

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