Brother AACOOLDRE : Five Q's for a Christian scholar

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    By Andre Austin

    1. I had a hunch and a gut feeling that in Rev Chapter 3 may have been retelling the Decius Mundus & Paulina sex scandal. I was trying to link verse 12 with 20 and 21 and compare the language with the Paulina and Decius Mundus. A person is given a pillar (penis) that overcometh in the Temple the doors are opened and they sup together. In similar fashion Mundus and Paulina sup together in the Temple and priets close the doors. You cite in your commentary of Rev 3 that "Domitian will acknowledge that he loved those that worshipped him rather than his brother" p.282. I’m thinking this love also included a perverted one of sodomy on other males. They then go on to invite them to sit with him in verse 21 . We know sit upon is a sexual innuendo. now if we back up to Rev 2:7 the same theme of those that overcometh will get to eat of the tree of life. Unfortunately a tree can also be symbolic of a penis so we have switching of Pilliar with Tree. We know at the great supper in Rev 19 that this Pilliar/Tree appears again under Domitian robe on his thigh (Penis).

    2. Paul is equated with the Greek/Roman God Hermes called Thoth in Egypt (Acts 14:12). The index of the Loeb Classical Library dealing with Plutarch's essay Isis & Osiris states that the Greeks equated Hermes with Anubis. Like in the Saturnalia Christmas festivals of celebrants switching roles is this an indication that Paul was switching roles just like Decius Mundus switched names with Anubis to fool Paulina (Paul) ? Its consistent with other statements like he become all things to all men" (1 Cor 9:22) and use of craft and tricks and took in believers by deceit (2 Cor 12:16). Paulina husband was Saturninus which I think was a spoof and pun on Saturnalia. What are your thoughts? I also believe that Domitian great supper party in Rev 19 is also consistent with Anubis infamous personification of dining on carrion.

    3. Once you know that Domitian is the Terrible spirit you can read 2 Timothy 3:1 and 1 Timothy 4:1-3 are working interactively/interchangably with eachother for a clue that Paul was castrated by Domitian. I knew I was hot on the trail when I noticed that you linked Acts 13 with 2 Timothy 3:11 (SSM p.353) I did mine a little diffirent using verse 1 instead of 11 but I was just a paragraph away from you and the both of us still scored a touchdown.

    4. I'm told you are comming out with a new book in March will you consider using Typology to expose Obama's poetry (Pop) with that of his secret Dad, Frank marshall Davis poems "47th street. Also Obama's book Title "Dreams fro my father" works interactively/interchangeable with Davis poem called "Dreams". Davis also wrote a book "Sex Rebel Black" saying he has sex with a young girl named Anne, which is the name of Obama's mother. Too many clues link "47th Street" with the poem "Pop":

    A. Popeye and Annie are cited Transforms into Pop (frank) and Orphan Annie the poem Pop focus intently on his hooded eyes

    B. Green Buses that snort tranforms into Obama being green snorting cocaine

    C. the Poem "pop" also tells the same story in "Dream from my father" p.76-77 about Obama's grandfather taking him over to frank's house

    5. Paul also states that a Dog mutilated his flesh in Philippians 3:2. Anubis was the dog head jackal who turns dead matter into a meal which is consistent with 2 Peter 2:1-22 of a dog return to his vomit and wallowing in the mud (anal sex). 2 peter 2 also mentions a talking Donkey inconjuction sex. I recalled in SSM p.377 you talk about a Young *** (Donkey) with an "unfortunate sexual innuendo". Are there any links here?