Haiti : First to reject White Supremacy, ; Why must Haiti still suffer?


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Mar 13, 2010
STL Missouri
the situation there is serious sister, whether that was a joke or not!
I understand how serious it is but Haiti cain't really get nothin from me.
the statement was to illustrate, that all Black folks have a symbolic debt to assist Haiti.
And not just disaster related relief
Symbolic and a couple of $ is about all they can get outta me. Do they need any blood? I can give them that or some plasma. I be O-pos, universal donor, everybody wants that and I got some to give in hard times.

You can get blood out of my turnips but you cain't get no money.
You caint get a helping hand either because I'm what? About 2000 miles away?

They can continue to flock over to the DR because DR apparently wasn't hit by the quake at all.

You want me write my president to ask that their national debt to America be forgiven? I can do that too.... but to make it fair I'd have to do that for every country that ever owed us.
That seems like a lotta work.

And some of those countries... I might want to keep under our thumb and in our debt.
Don't know who it is.... but you never know. Gotta keep a lil' sumthin-sumthin on some folks.... just in case we need them.

Not Haiti tho. They are free to be forgiven of whatever they owe.


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Oct 11, 2009
Dominican Republic
They can continue to flock over to the DR because DR apparently wasn't hit by the quake at all.

They did not wait for your permission, they are/were already doing that! And no we were not bothered by that one. Think we would have faired a little better as our construction uses a lot more reinforcement bar.
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