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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When dealing with Pan Afrikanism, the desire goes even further back before the Honorable Marcus Garvey, yet it was the Honorable Marcus Garvey that put such a desire into action beyond words.

    Garvey Pan Afrikanism represented more than a hand shake between sisters and brothers on different side of the Atlantic, as if to be just a greeting of acquaintance, that Pan Afrikan hand shake between Black People on different side of the Atlantic, in Garvey Mind, represented the Hand Shake of Deliverance and not commercial Trade, to serve as a end all to the Black Divide of Kin Folks on different side of the Atlantic, causing it to seem as if all is well with Black People by the way we have been made to be located in this world.

    What does it profit Black Folks, concerning who they were that started meeting gathering in the name of Pan Afrikanism, with all Honor and Respect going out to those people, but the question is, where is Black people in term of condition and position in the world today from such an effort, what is the condition of Afrika and Black people today, in term of relationship between us that are on the two side of the Atlantic?

    Yet here we are debating Pan Afrikanism, a United State of Afrika and an integration of Afrika States and yet there is no talk of a united Afrika Continental People, with the goal and objective being Freedom and Justice for all of the people of the Afrika Continent and that the Majority will represent the consent of the people in such a Union of Afrika Continental people.

    Did we not learn anything from the work of the Honorable Chancellor William, in regard to the evil of Afrika people integration effort, does not the States in Afrika indicate the people of those states, so I ask, is there Justice flowing equally to the people of Continental Afrika, if not, then should not the Talk and effort be about a United Continental Afrika People, they having a say in what form and shape politically, the Afrika Continent must take in order to serve all of the people of that Continent without prejudice nor with discrimination.

    A United State of Afrika States as now being contemplated by some of those Afrikans in Afrika, now controlling the States in Afrika, such an effort does not and will not blossom a Continental Republic, which is what the people of Afrika is in need of as I speak to you in writing at this moment.

    So my point is this and I know it does not set to well with the intergrationist Assimilationist Afrikans, not until the problems that divide Afrika Black People are taken care of First, then those things now being discussed by those Afrikans, not the people, but so call Head of States, such will not and does not serve to the benefit for constructive change for the Black People in Afrika.

    So it is required when dealing with the problems that now plague Afrika and the Black People therein, First Things Must be dealt with First and the First Thing that now confront the Continental Afrika Black People, is the need for a unified Black Afrika Continental People, such is the Divine True Nature of Afrika Continental Pan Afrikanism.

    Why do you Think after all was said and done by the Honorable Marcus Garvey, his most profound words about Afrika was that Afrika is for the Black Afrikans and there must be a United Black Afrika Nation, such is what I consider to be First Things First, before, with all honesty, talk and effort can be put into action about uniting the Continental geographical Politics of Afrika States.

    When dealing with present day Afrika, and the Diaspora People of the Middle Passage are left out of the Afrika Unification equation, then such serve as a sign that the Black People of Afrika State, official Status they now hold, yet they do not have taking care of First Things First in their mind, knowing that it being that which will bringing about a Divine Union of Pan Afrikanism on the Continent of Afrika, in their mind, such is not in their self conceited, full of self interest Mind.

    First Things First, Black Afrika Must become Reunited again, before Freedom, Independence, and Justice, is to flow as the Nile River, to the Lives of Black People in Afrika.

    The Divine Truth, The Present Day afrikan Despise The Divine Truth, As It Reflect The Hypocrisy Of The Present Day afrikan.

    I come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I move On,Continuing To Remain Obedient To Our First Way Black Ancestors.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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