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Akyeame Kwame

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Jun 19, 2007

Abibitumi Kasa invites all Afrikan people who are serious about being Afrikan to experience their first orientation class FREE!!! This week only!!!

We are sure that once you experience the power and beauty of reclaiming your own language, you will want to stay on for the entire 8 week session!

Welcome to the World of Abibitumi Kasa!!!

Register at http://www.*****************/Register.php

Who: All Afrikan people who are serious about being Afrikan and learning Afrikan Languages

What: You are invited to join Nkonimdie Isegun (Victory) Spring Session of Twi, Yorùbá and/or Wolof Class

When: Classes online and on Southside of Chicago
begin the week of March 31st (Click here for schedule)

Where: Monday and Wednesday Yoruba/Tuesday and Thursday Twi Classes on Southside at Abibitumi Kasa Afrikan Language Institute, 4721 S Ellis Ave 1A, Chicago, IL 60615 and simulcasted online at http://www.*****************/yabb/chat/flashchat.php

How: Individuals and Families can learn face-to-face in Chicago or face-to-face online via live online streaming state-of-the-art technology

Why: Let us know your reason for wanting to learn Afrikan languages via our Prospective Student Questionnaire


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