Black Haiku : Fire

Sis Watz, I like how this piece speaks in a kind of analogy. I had to read it a couple of times to get what it means for me.

Big ol ball of fire
Just cannot be extinguished
What keeps it burning?

1. For me this speaks of tempers, frustration, anger etc of emotions raging out of control.

2.On another level it speaks of a fire burning with love.

Flames diminish so
I think surely they won't spark
Silenced by the rain

1. This is where I see the calming energies of others who help to prevent a fiery situation from sparking off and help to keep the peace.

2. The passion of love has died down.

All at once I feel
The explosion of flames just
when I need them most

For me this says that emotions are needed such as the fire of passion and love.

Do I control this
Fierce fiery orb, or does
this ball control me?

1.We should control our emotions and not allow out emotions to control us.

2. Do we want to control the fire of love & passion.

Excellent Peace sis :hearts4:


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