Violaters / Violations : Fine1952 - Banned for 48 Hours

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    betwixt and between

    Sister Fine1952 ... you're banned for 48 hours.

    You called Sister candeesweet a "B" above, you quoted her, was speaking to her ... even bragged about it.

    You claim in a subsequent post that she "did you first" ... and i looked at that ... and if you had used the REPORT process that is in place ... you would have found that what she did was not a rule violation ... she did not call you that, like you called her that ... she did not quote you ... she did not call your name.

    She did post the same image, but she didn't quote you, like you did her. Perhaps i should take away even images with curse words in it, if yall are gonna take each one personally, and then use it as a weapon.

    You know cursing is not allowed here. You know calling folk names is not allowed here.

    You can't take the management process into your own hands, handling percieved violations how you see fit.

    Report possible violations, so you can avoid these type of situations.

    Family ... please remember ... When Moderators are Moderating - Stay Out of the Way.

    Love You!