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Apr 7, 2013
So the seven trumpets refer to seven millenniums of mankind on earth. Each of seven angels sounding a trumpet for Judgement preceding the Second Coming where at the seventh trump sounding the wrath of Jesus Christ will fall against the world of evil. There will come all manner of Judgements because of six millennials of wicked teachings, workings, and corruptions the wicked spun on people. It is a day of "Righteous Judgement" to clear the world preparatory for the advent of the Second Coming of Christ to reign as King.

There will be all kinds of fierce weather and woes, but it is a matter of cleaning the wicked off the earth - the goodly will abide the day even if they must enter into their homes and shut the doors for a moment. It would be a good idea to have food stored somewhere in there.

We can know if what I've summed up here in Rev. 8 and continuing in 9 is true, because we are living in this time on through chapter nine so we will see these things happening, even now, as they begin to add up.


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Apr 7, 2013
Thanks for trying to get up the drumming, but I guess they want to sell that event. However, I clicked on Max Lucado -- "Why are You Afraid?" I liked it. It has to do with those who are afraid the ship will sink in a tremendous storm and Christ asks them that question.

The Lord was sleeping and I guess they were afraid he was not mindful of them. He got up and calmed the storm. But I think there is more to that story.
Usually in situations like that he says, "Oh ye of little faith," because we are too afraid. He said it to Peter when he sank trying to walk on water to Jesus. Peter took his eyes off the lord and became fearful then he sank. I don't think it is the fearful part that did it. I think it is that he took his eyes off the Lord. There is even more. Don't just keep your eyes on the Lord alone but use faith. What is that? It is an engine of action doing all you can to spiritually succeed.

Faith moves mountains if God is in agreement that the mountain should be moved. You pray, ask for revelation. Ask for the Holy Spirit for guidance of what to do. And the more loyal one is to God, the more likely the help will come. I think if you are close to the Lord in your heart and mind one can use the power of his name. Even his very name has power. Do you feel evil is crowding you? Say in a strong voice for it to "Depart. In the name of Jesus Christ."

Regarding asking for revelation. It has to meet with what the gospel says and not go off it. Because there is one who would deceive us and try to get us to think what he snuck in was revelation from the Lord. If we get a thought to jump off the roof. That will never be a revelation from God. Example. Check it out. There will never be a revelation that has us do something harmful to us or someone else. We are to be kind and loving in all things. Seeking wisdom will feel like wisdom in the mind and heart at the same time. Peace is a product of the Holy Spirit for the soul.


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Apr 7, 2013
So if it seems like there are a lot of people claiming to be the voice for everyone else to follow and we are't sure who to believe? Look at what those talkers are saying. Is it values that you know are in keeping with what the Lord said, or are they salted with policies the Lord calls an "abomination to him?" That is a sure way to tell who has the truth and who is actually lying. When you think about it, we aren't fighting for popularity and one world law, but for a just Kingdom of values.

For instance, do they want us to accept even at full term, after the birth killing, calling it an "abortion". Isn't that just a murder? Yes. But, they are going to justify it as a moral policy not a living person, a baby wanting to make his way in life being adopted to loving people.

How about getting rid of ICE and having open borders to any and all. That makes us no sovereign people, and it lets through as one example, child slavers. How cruel is that? As young as 11 months having to endure what is going to be handed to him. Those people without ICE will sell children in any way they want.

Do you want to give away your wallet and have the government hand back to you your Socialist check of only 30% of what you made?

How about the laws of what to drive and when, to turn this country "Green." Therefore because of shutting down "evil oil" fields, gas prices will be out of this world and we won't be able to do much with the restrictions in driving being given gas stamps rations anyway.

How about Socialist Medicine and doctors. That's a lot that your hospital and doctor can't afford anymore. Right a long with that is the practice and recommendation of Euthanasia. Is this the profile of the people who want to tell you it is the moral way in their policies?

Do you want to be told what to do, or give you a say? Don't step out of line = China, Russia, No. Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, etc..

Your life is at the ballot box.


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Apr 7, 2013
This earth under goes three degrees of glory. Where we are now -- and then when the earth moves to a higher intermediate Glory where Satan is bound by Christ, before this earth becomes exalted, where the goodly (meek) shall live with salvation to inherit the greatest Glory as promised to us from God.

There was a war in heaven. Satan was cast out to the earth which deceiveth the whole world for his evil doing. A loud voice was heard in heaven which declared, "Now is come the purpose of salvation, and strength and offering the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ..." Revelation chapt. 12.

This is where we are living now? There are events coming which will be difficult, but it is a sign that Christ's Second Coming is in our eminent life time. So while we may be in our closets because of the wild weather, or a Coronavirus, etc., we can know the Second Coming is expected after seeing these events: Chapters 8 and 9.
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Apr 7, 2013
Interesting, don't you think, CoronaVirus? My opinion is YES this is one among the firsts of the Wrath of God against the wicked. Not the goodly and Godly. Even so, when the wicked rule society, the righteous suffer in many ways. Am I talking about Trump? No. I think he is doing everything he knows to do to curb and overcome the virus through the task force he sets up and he is transparent in what that is, calling Dr.s and experts in Epidemiology or science of diseases, virus and how to medically treat it when there is no cure yet. He has pulled together five pharma labs to do emergency searches for vaccines. He holds media reports with these people on what has been done and what is still to be done. More hospital facilities are being set up by the thousand beds. Any resource he can bring together to protect us he reaches for it. So to move on to my point.

More clues to where we are in the Lords Wrath that brings with it Tribulation of a righteous purpose. Ever think about it that way? Cleansing away the wicked has side effects called "Tribulation." But you can see why it is necessary. Have you noticed what your television is teaching the youth? Some think that is not so bad? Well how about when it is compared to what the Lord wants to teach the youth? Thinking that over maybe one can see where we are and why when it comes to what the Lord will do resulting in "Tribulation".

Where do I get my thoughts from? In this case the book of Revelation in the Bible. When an angel asks John where do these who have won this great reward through keeping their eye on the Lord to do what he says come from? John said "Sir, thou knowest", or you tell me. The angel said "These are they which came out of great Tribulation," and have been Judged true, loyal and therefore worthy by staying the corse with being dependable to follow God. Chapter 7:14 (paraphrased).

While there are places meaning buildings dedicated to holiness in which men serve, 7:15 reference to "his temple" is speaking of the Kingdom of God in pureness of spirit all over the world. Verses 16-17 always is the greatest happiness of a Celestial nature.

But yes, this virus from Wuhan China is bringing a type of never experienced Tribulation for us and it is rolling over in different ways. According to the scriptures there is more to come. By the way did you get your "food storage" I have mentioned a few times before? I didn't think we'd need it until the wild weather when we couldn't leave the house as per the scriptures.

So sales have been over the top for ammunition and toilet paper. So what's the plan? Guy with gun, "Your toilet paper or your life!" :eek:
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