Black Poetry : Finding A Girl

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    Finding A Girl

    Duck the trend now stuck in a Benz that result in high class
    A guy fast to rap to a chick a ride in the community pass
    This provide and opportunity for some trash love talk
    So boo get in I want some lace hate a dumb chase don’t walk
    lets leave from this place you attractive I’m convinced that
    your body is active and intense and since your lips red and phat
    you’re equipped for the bed and that’s that, your bra strap great
    so I’m entrapped with bait the breast in that dress nippled and wait
    for a good sucking, “so boo I’m strapped in bling let me flap my wings
    and tap that thing I’m talking about the cream pies with the lips cling
    together between your thighs while you scream and cries for me to stop
    panties soaked and candies smoke like hot Hershey chocolate we’ll rock
    it and break the headboards boo, let me put your wet love into a crate
    so the menu won’t escape probably be ate off a plate I won’t hesitate
    to use my tongue to amuse and make you cum you breast gonna rotate”
    “so RHYME if I decide to ride as a winner you’re gonna provide dinner?
    Start a steady relation are you ready for vibrations from the mattress enter
    My world my my body fast and in tune like classrooms you gonna learn
    A lot I’m concerned over your **** how deep will it go? Will it turn
    My co-chee inside out? RHYME you wanna step swift and accept this
    Gift which involves moaning and groaning while you’re boneing and kiss
    My lips while you doing it, so RHYME you wreck my pride after some
    Specified love talk don’t know whether to date you or not disaster come
    If I manage to get pregnant I’ll be doing the unthinkable honey bun”
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    word !!!
    i hear ya on this piece