Black Poetry : Finally

Alrighty then!!!!
Peace to all within.
Now this is what I have missed soooooo much. Poets flown' and flown' back! Reminds me of the ole dayz when we use to come and play.....yes...yes!!!! Now that I have had my moment in I just wanted to say:

I so enjoyed reading your scribe, you put your heart and soul into each line. From reading your piece you sound like you know what you want and have no problem with doing what you have to do to get it and you are prepared for what the out come may or may not be. I can respect that...real talk!

As always you hit that flow BACK like the True Poectic G that you are. Always a pleasure reading you my dear.

Its been a while since I've had the pleasures but I see somethings never change your flow back was on point as well.

Much Peace & Luv to All,



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