Black Poetry : Finally.... Your Existance.


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Nov 5, 2004
Just as i was beginning to leave,
you hopelessly spoke those three evil words,
maybe this, this could be a dream where the visions are
in complete distance, you are inclined to my
ever- so- complicated mind...

you said you loved me when i thought,
this could be everlasting alone,
you woke me up with the stars in your
eyes, love filled and the absence of regret.
You constantly occupy my mind, silly child,
but why must your stubborness grow...
when i ask you to leave?

Higher my skies become and bluer they become
when your sweetness is in existance,
kind flow of words play tag with my
sanity (i think i may be losin it),
my pastor in the philosophies of love, life
and intimacy.

Finally the intense is no longer there,
finally the hatred has freed itself from my zone,
finally the regret speaks kind words because finally...
Your existance is here...

You are near.


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