Health and Wellness : Finally! The FDA Admits That Nearly Over 70% of U.S. Chickens Contain Cancer-Causing Arsenic

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    by Lauren DeCuir from Parent Society

    The FDA has asked Pfizer to stop manufacturing the arsenic-containing drug, Roxarsone, that was
    found in the livers of nearly half of all chicken tested. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The
    agency said it recently conducted a study of 100 broiler chickens that detected inorganic arsenic at
    higher levels in the livers of chickens treated with 3-Nitro compared with untreated chickens … Pfizer
    said sale of 3-Nitro would be stopped by early July in order to allow animal producers to transition to
    other treatments.” This urgent request by the FDA is surprising in itself as the agency has always
    maintained that the arsenic in chickens is at such low levels that it is safe for consumption, when
    meanwhile it has been clinically proven to be extremely toxic to human health, causing an array of
    neurological defects in developing fetuses and young children…Looks like the FDA finally got the
    memo, and not a moment too soon!

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