Black Spirituality Religion : Finally I know who I Am and have always been

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    Last night i awoke and was led to the answers i had been seeking for so long.
    I now see the long journey i have had, and i see the first encounter some time back with the truth, which i, although i did not reject it, was just not ready for.
    I mean my study of Kemet. Now i can see why i had to learn about it then, for it to finaly make sense today.

    I can even see why i had to learn the lies that were told to us from the bible, because this makes the truth when it comes even more understandable.

    So my people i am in the process of recovering Ma'at, my balance and look forward to communicating with those of you who are already in balance.

    I am taking the time now to pray to the Creator God who created me in her own image, and give the thanks for Creator God's guidance all through these years, even when i had left Creator God and thought that Creator God had left me, i now clearly see that Creator God's presence was always there, even though at the time i could have only hoped it was.

    I guess only those who have already recovered their Ma'at, will hear that which i say, and i pray that those who do not at this time, will do so soonest.

    So my Sisters and Brothers of Black, i long for the united power of us Gods and Godesses who are ONE.

    Forgive me if i make mistakes and correct me in a healing way.
    I cannot describe the feeling, wonderful.