Black Poetry : Fill me with your love...... L.S.


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
I feel like Eve right now
I like how you breathe life into my lifeless body
I feel as one with you Adam
as we both have Paridise in our Garden of Eden
Dust we are to dust we shall return
But first fill me with your love
Baby the first time I saw you I knew you could never be mine
and the Second time I saw you I knew it was destiny
Destiny led you to come back to me
Even though you didn't know me
Boy all I wanted you to do was to fill me with your love
I like the way you smile
The way you touch me is like 10,000 bolts of electricity running thru my body
As your love is so electrifying
Boy I felt at one time that love was dying
But you gave me something to believe in
Because you have given me love
You've asked to become your lover
and to take this level we share a little further
as we both try to make it work
Beneath your chest lies a heart that beats for me
and underneath the lining of my skirt lies the beat
that waits for you to passionately enter
When our bodies entwined the passion that rise forth
Has us both out of breath
as you continue to fill me with your love
Baby I am so glad to know that love has and will forever be in our corner
World he asked me to join him as I am to become Mrs. and Mrs. I shall be
Your Queen promises to treat her King with all due respect
I humble myself before you my King
Because noone will or ever come between this spiritual level we both share
I need you
I love you
Would never put noone above you
as you continue to
Fill me with your love...........



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