Black Poetry : Figuring Out Stuff

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    Figuring Out Stuff

    My life stay exact like a Shakespearian play act performed //
    On stage, storm and rage at theaters there be haters they swarm //Like bees on honey when they sees the money I’m holding //Folding Benjamins like billfolds in hip pockets while rolling //On dubs, very stout with class when I carry out a task such //As writing script and fighting to grip success just too much //Work involved having to be alert on the job must arrive //On time the boss hate jive blind excuses so in away this describes //My day at the filling station its a thrilling situation sometimes //As a cashier you face fast fear looking down a gun barrel //No fun or apparel in that, “here open the drawer and throw it //In a bag I thought about Fabulous and the Dream song glow abit //In my mind, feeble and wise my rhymes legalize like laws from //the supreme court I get extreme support by the majority never dumb //Big spender with class never surrender cash for low quality items no //Policy that divide them from good quality have to be careful and go //With the flow on the public listen because it word of mouth its even //Heard down south on what to look out for so for my house I’m leaving //Walmart with a tall cart cheap good stuff I could buff my floors with //Their thick wax tonight and invite guests oh yes this is a genuine gift //