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    Fig and olive dust, its relationship to reproductive Cornus When you say (fig) .. Mathtwe of vitamins and minerals Downright be useful for infertility and for those affected ((_khasyatem influential as a result))) .. Or but with low sperm production or lack of .. The focus was always on the Al (fig). God swear to (figs, olives, Mount Sinai, and the phase in Mecca,) to confirm On a very important issue is that the Almighty created man in His creation and in the best Best. ((. The Almighty said: ((1) By the fig and the oliv (2) And [by] Mount Sina (3) And [by] this secure city [Makkah] (4) We have certainly created man in the best of stature) [Al Fig. And here we note that the miracle where God Almighty stated in this Sura Thmrtin Figs and olives ... And their role in the process of infertility treatment may in Gender and the great similarity of the testis confirms this .. . The olive is useful to the health and function Of the functions of the ovaries of

    women .. He is like a woman's egg to a great extent, as well as The fruit of the fig is very useful for me to man it helps improve the fertilization and the large number of semen And strength and reduce the incidence of infertility and is the best treatment for him and also note that if we We divided the grain of figs and found inside what looks like fully Mabdakhal testis .. As in Image. The blessed tree God Almighty swear in his book al-Hakim, who does not speak Of passion, and God Almighty does not divide but with great and the Department of Almighty God is evidence of real The importance of this tree and an important signal to her that the benefits and the benefits .. The most correct words is considered part fig, we eat and we eat olives And Oil means. Great gratitude to alert us in these blessed and to what is in them Significant benefits of creation. In addition to that the fruit of the fig beautiful scenery. Good taste. Sweet taste. Zakia smell. Easy to harvest and digest nibbling and eaten faith. And dry. and drink and the food is Dbassa stimulus and comfortable to the nerves. Also introduces

    Figs and drink. Dbsa and Fig syrup in many important medical vehicles .. Here, we can link between the first and fourth verses in that sura and conclude That eating figs and olives together have an impact on the creation of man (reproduction) .. and good He is in the best calendar, a fetus in the womb of his mother, if taken by the couple before pregnancy The pregnant mother during pregnancy on a regular basis, ie by the ratio contained in the Quran where explicit mention of figs six times and once in an implicit reference Al-believers: ((20) And [We brought forth] a tree issuing from Mount Sinai which produces oil and food for those who eat) .. And must be taken first, figs, olives,

    secondly because it may consist of a particular compound or Achtlathma result in the human body and which have an active role in reproduction And maintain health, increase immunity and delay aging, and that the production or Extraction of a particular enzyme, or from both. Here I bring the attention of researchers and scholars in the field of Quranic miracle that they work Experimental study on a group of pregnant women, giving them after they have Intercourse for the purpose of pregnancy and during pregnancy (fig and olive) in the case mentioned 7: 1 and the appropriate dose is a grain of eating figs with seven kernels of olives Daily morning dose and that the identification is very important For the experimental study Experimental study in order to achieve and what we get to tell us Holy great .. Taking this dose does not cause any health

    problems to pregnant mother And her unborn child, but on the contrary, ** help the growth of the fetus at best and keeps the Their health and increases the immunity and requires research, careful monitoring and follow-up Apparatus for advanced stages of the creation of the fetus as well as creating a good baby, I'm sure That the result will be born safe and mature moral, God willing, away from the distortions And congenital diseases found in this day and age .. They recommended the experience to give the fig And olives as a treatment for a group of couples who have problems of reproduction, Material ..... Almithaloathonidz Is a substance secreted by the brain to a human being and animals in quantities A few. A protein by sulfur, so it can easily with the Union Zinc, iron and phosphorus. This article is very important to the vitality of the human body ( Reduce cholesterol - metabolism - strengthen the heart - and control of breathing. And increases the secretion of this article from the brain of a man gradually from age 15 to age 35 years old. Then secreted at least until after the age of sixty. So it was not easy

    Obtained from the human. As for the animal has been found by a few. So attention turned to search for in the plants. A team of scientists Japanese search for this article and the magic that have the greatest impact in removing Symptoms of aging, did not find this article except in the two types of plants ..... Figs and olives. The great truth of God as it says in the Holy Qur'an: } (1) By the fig and the oliv (2) And [by] Mount Sina (3) And [by] this secure city [Makkah] (4) We have certainly created man in the best of stature (5) Then We return him to the lowest of the low { Having been drawn from the figs and olives, it was found that the use of figs Alone or of olives alone did not give the expected benefit to human health, but after Mixing of the material extracted with figs than that of olives. The team then Japanese scientists to stand at the best rate of vegetables extend to give the best effect. The best ratio is 1 fig 7: Olive Research found in the Holy Quran He mentioned figs once the olives have been mentioned explicitly six times And once an implicit reference to Surat believers Tree}, and graduated from

    Mount Sinai that groweth oil and relish for the eaters! To hide you the advantages and benefits of olive oil, great for the countless, but Old concerns us in our research this is a matter of reproduction is limited by the focus, where Is a tonic for the offspring, reproduction and sexual arousal to male and female because it contains Natural vitamin e Did you know it is a fruit from paradise ..!! Miraculous to say to the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him: "If I said that I got a fruit from paradise. I said to the fig. Because the fruit of paradise without Ajam addressed