Black People : Fiery Flaming Meteors Now Seen Worldwide

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    From: nathaniel x vance
    Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 15:53:21 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: [Mwananchi] Fiery Flaming Meteors Now Seen Worldwide

    Fiery Flaming Meteors Now Seen Worldwide
    Dear Members, Group;
    Many people from all over the world are suddenly reporting seeing fiery flaming meteors from every quarter of the Earth! A spectacular sight! Here are some from website http://home. thehessians/ disasterwatch. html, and , these are only a few that have been reportedly seen as there most likely are many more and there are to only be an increased along with more UFO reports as well.

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    Salaam akwaaba jambo

    METEORS in 2007, so far -

    VERMONT - May 14th - Recorded as a 2.1 temblor on the Richter scale, a quake hit at 4:10 a.m. along a fault line about four miles under the town of Hubbardton. One Hubbardton resident who said he was wide awake at 4 a.m. said he not only felt the earthquake, he saw what caused it. He said he saw something in the sky to the northeast of Lake Hortonia. He believes he saw a meteorite and that's what triggered the earthquake. "It was like a streak of fire. I've heard meteorites hit before and that was what it sounded like. It was no earthquake, it was a meteor." Earthquakes are RARE in Vermont and in the Northeastern U.S. in general. But while the quake on Monday was the first in Vermont in 2007, it was the second in the Hubbardton area in less than a year. In October, a 2.9 earthquake hit Vermont about 10 miles north of the one that jostled the town on Monday.

    SPAIN - May 10th - Fireball spotted across central Spain. Scientists think some fragments may have fallen to earth in the Ciudad Real area. A fireball fell across the centre of the country on Thursday night with sightings in Cuenca, Toledo, Ciudad Real and Valladolid. Scientists believe it was a meteorite and say it’s quite a normal phenomenon, possibly a fragment from a comet which fell from earth orbit.

    IDAHO - May 10 - A meteor lit up the night sky across eastern Idaho. Residents from Pocatello to Driggs say they saw the bright flashes around 9 pm. The National Weather Service confirmed that the striking sky show resulted from a meteor. Photos show a jagged trail of light across the darkening sky -_ easily visible to the naked eye.

    CANADA - May 9 - There are reports of people seeing a meteor all over British Columbia. Startled stargazers were treated to a rare and beautiful sight when a brilliant meteor streaked through Okanagan skies. "It was an amazing, vibrant sight, a fireball with a white centre, blue halo and a long pink tail." The UNUSUALLY LARGE shooting star was visible for just a few seconds around 9:15 p.m. on Wednesday. "It was like a piece of fireworks travelling horizontally through the sky, much bigger than the normal shooting stars you see."

    COLORADO - April 20th - Area residents who were lucky enough to be looking at the sky late Friday night are still in awe over a greenish-red fireball they saw zoom past. The object, likely a meteorite associated with the Lyrid meteor shower, was witnessed up and down the Front Range. It apparently landed somewhere near the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs. These things are usually moving fast enough they impact themselves in the ground.†Several Longmont-area witnesses said they thought the object looked like it landed north of Boulder or somewhere in the mountains near Estes Park. In cases like this, local law enforcement and fire officials are notified by NORAD so they can check the impact site and ensure there’s no fire.

    There were numerous reports of the meteor near the Air Force Academy around 11 p.m. “It kept lasting and lasting and lasting. All of a sudden, there was a big, green ball, and it changed to a red color and looked fiery. It seemed to shoot off some kinds of sparks and turned bright white. The sky lit up and then it went right into the mountains. It was frightening but at the same time amazing.†Every year in late April, Earth passes through the dusty tail of Comet Thatcher, and the encounter causes a northern hemisphere meteor shower, the Lyrids.

    HAWAII - April 11 - A brightly glowing object that streaked across the sky above Maui was reported by a few people up early enough Wednesday morning to witness the phenomenon. Several people saw what probably was a large meteor that moved from northwest to southeast and/or an unusual cloud that remained in the sky after it passed. "We saw a glow going over us, just like an airplane" - a light blue, almost white object moving from northwest to southeast. For one to two minutes, they watched the object move across the sky, leaving a trail of smoke before it disappeared behind Haleakala. They couldn't tell if the object landed on land or in the ocean. "We didn't see any kind of explosion or flash." The object traveled roughly parallel to land until it abruptly changed course, "dropping down at a 45-degree angle." One man snapped photos at 5:49 a.m. of the smoke trail with his digital camera, but he didn't see the object itself. "It was just an amazing looking sight.The smoke lingered for an hour in the sky. . . . It was big, very noticeable in the sky."

    NEW ZEALAND - March 29 - Flaming debris of a possible meteor almost hit a plane - The pilots of a Chilean passenger jet reported seeing flaming debris fall past their aircraft as it approached the airport at Auckland, New Zealand. The captain "made visual contact with incandescent fragments several kilometres away". The pilots reported the near-miss to air traffic controllers, reportedly saying the noise of the debris breaking the sound barrier could be heard above the roar of his aircraft's engines. The debris missed the jet by a margin of 40 seconds. An orbital debris expert at Nasa had checked with the Russians and their vessel - a spacecraft resupplying the International Space Station - had fired its re-entry rockets as scheduled, 12 hours after the Chileans reported the near miss. The Nasa expert said no other space junk was expected to be re-entering atmosphere at that time so the pilots probably saw a meteor.

    CANADA - March 11 - what fell from the sky on Sunday night, visible between 8 and 8:30 p.m. to rapt observers from southern Ontario to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was likely a rock, no bigger than a fist and weighing about a kilogram. "Everything I have heard suggests that it was a bolide - a meteorite that was flaming though our atmosphere." Some people mistook it for a plane crash - a ball of light, seething white, careening overhead, spitting out dazzling debris. The whitish-green fireball seemed to be on such a dramatic collision course with Earth that from his vantage, an IT technician imagined two grim scenarios: a mighty cannonball into Lake Michigan. Or Milwaukee itself was due for a celestial smackdown. "I honestly waited to see something come up from the ground." For three or four spine-tingling seconds, people from a massive swathe of the continent shared the same slice of burning sky. And everyone imagined that whatever it was had landed in their own backyard. "That is not at all unusual for a really bright bolide. They have huge distances over which they can travel and, therefore, be seen. Especially if it's in the twilight or darkness hours." Of the thousands of meteorites raining on earth every year, most plunk into the oceans.

    PANAMA - February 23 - Panamanian geologists found a meteorite at Rio Hato, a coastal town west of the capital Panama City. The meteorite fell onto Rio Hato's beach on Friday. The landing was witnessed by a security guard, who described it as a ball of fire crashing down from the sky onto the sand. The 4.2 kg red object, measuring 20 cm in diameter, was to be X-rayed for more details. The meteorite shows burn marks on its exterior, and appears to be mainly carbon-based, in contrast to most meteorites, which mainly contain iron.

    OHIO - February 15 - Something happened at around 9 p.m. that a lot of people heard. But nobody seems to have any idea what it was. “It†was a loud bang, something loud enough to be heard all over the county, and loud enough to make small objects move in houses. Rumors range from an earthquake to a meteor strike, a sonic boom to something ice-related. While we may never know for sure, at least one scientist believes the meteor could be the answer. There’s no evidence to suggest an earthquake could have caused the bang, especially not over the range specified. “The type of waves that I see is not earthquake-type stuff. What bothers me is we don’t see it anywhere else. Right now this is mysterious to me.†The National Weather Service’s station in Wilmington is equally lost, especially after hearing calls from the Cincinnati area. The only common factor is that each area was affected by Tuesday’s ice storm. “It definitely wasn’t thunder. We’re kind of stumped on that ourselves.†One man said he saw a meteor with a relatively long trail, with red, green and gold coloration. It was headed east to west and lasted about three seconds; after it faded, the sonic boom washed over him. “I saw it first. It was the most eerie, cool, scary, wonderful thing. You just see this dragon tail going across the sky. All of a sudden, everything goes boom."

    MIDWESTERN U.S. - February 4 - Scores of people all over the Midwest and Upper Midwestern United States reported seeing flames and fiery explosions in the sky Sunday night. From southeastern Wisconsin to as far as Des Moines, Iowa and St. Louis, people reported seeing balls of fire, possibly meteors, streaking across the sky on Sunday night. "We had a pilot reporting seeing a meteor". Reports came from residents in central Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

    TURKEY - January 31 - Police were inundated with calls from scores of people from Didim to Bodrum after they heard a big bang and a flash of light across the skies. The flashing green, yellow and red lights were from a meteorite which crashed through the earth’s atmosphere and landed in Yeþilkent. A startled man revealed that the rock had smashed a hole in the ground at the Green Park Complex, at Yeþilkent, narrowly missing him by ten metres. Police reported that people from Bodrum, Milas and Didim had heard a bang and seen the flashing light across the skies at about 5:30pm on January 31. (photos)

    VIRGINIA - January 24 - Some Giles County residents were a little shaken after a tremor-like event, others say they heard a loud "thunder-like" sound. Virginia Tech researchers say they received several calls about a meteor sighting the same time of the tremors. The bizarre incident took place around 8pm. Researchers say the seismic station in Giles County did get a very short but intense seismic signal.

    RUSSIA - January 10 - a meteorite fell in January in the Altai Territory in southern Siberia and searchers found an extraterrestrial substance which could be meteorite fragments. "We have collected about 50 samples, and vitreous threads (traces of comet substance) were discovered in the first of them using a microscope." Local motorists and residents witnessed the impact of a fiery ball, which eventually ended in a loud sound resembling an explosion. Since a fallen meteorite was discovered in 1840, some 20 meteorites, including 4 in the 21st century, have been registered in the area.

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