Brother AACOOLDRE : Feudalism and Gov Mind control

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    In September 2013 I listened to two Internet Radio interviews of Joe Atwill on the Thomas Sheridan show and the show. I took notes as I listened to both programs.


    The bible comes from men not God. Its fake and fictional and you shouldn’t base your life on it. The Bible is a catastrophe and it is used by sociopaths and psychopaths to do violence. President Bush told the French government that his justification to invade Iraq was based on the Bible’s Gog and Ma’gog. In Rev 20:8 magog is leader with Gog of the forces of Satan in the battle of Armageddon. The USA press ignored it but not the European one. This was clear grounds to impeach Bush on grounds of insanity. People who believe this stuff is nuts.

    The Palace of the Flavian Caesars who had the New Testament Gospel created as a parody of Titus military campaign now is the Catholic Vatican Hill.

    Christianity is used by Government for mind control have passive subjects who are stunted in growth physically and mentally. Vegetable brain with no perspective=having no variety of views and information to analyze fiction from facts. Not to be suspicious and vet information. Give up guns except for hunting game and be passive doves (game) for the Elite. For example: The media fears religious cults potential to boycott their business so when Bill O’Relliey new book killing Jesus or Reza Aslan’s book Zealot no hard questions given about Christianity true origins are given.

    The government in conspiracy with Corporations and Religious Cults to bring back feudalism back and depopulate the planet. Feudalism is when serfs (slaves) where bound to the land where Vassals held the land and had allegiance to the Overlords. Attempts being made to create another counter culture to live off land and not envy Oligarch and aristocrats who control technology. Serfs are mind controlled to like living in a primitive state without technology. The culture of music, movies and religion will help bring Feudalism back on its way. We will be farmers having to find a corporate lord to serve. The land will not belong to the farmer but the farmer to the land of the 1% and can’t depart from it without their permission.

    Christianity was responsible for the Dark Ages from which we needed Arabic translated Greek books to help us get out of. In turn the Arab world went to the Dark Ages which they associated math with the devil. Some parts of the Muslim world thinks its okay to throw acid in the face of girls who go to school, wear pants or dance. This was the situation in America 400 years ago where girls were hanged pinching one another and dancing with a broom. Its cool we make a joke of this every Halloween with green witches flying with brooms but back in the day you paid for it with your life.

    The Agenda now is to get power into the hands of Corporations and Religious cults by Emergency Managers of Cities and Schools. Take power out of the hands of unions=people by creating an atmosphere where schools are taken over, closed and then re-open them up as Charter Schools run by religious organizations and individuals. For the blacks who can’t feed themselves and have no transportation are left as serfs on the inner city plantation schools. We see the blacks being left behind. As a matter of fact Bush new rules on Education called “No child left behind” Comes from a religious cult from the producers of left behind: The Movie.

    And now we have local governments being taken over by the State and all their assets are transferred to private corporations emasculating the power of the people.