Black Poetry : Fetty Wap Still On Top

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    Got ya mind on yo money & ya money on yo mind

    On time we kick it like right

    Got hommies in the street rock rhymes right

    Still Fetty Wap still on top got his gene in the game

    Comes back for mo fighting fortune & fame

    See ya on the flip side cheese

    Break down rhymes falling to ya knees

    Got rocks in his socks in the music scene

    Flippin no burgers down to his means

    Still the money is on the table

    This is no mother goose type of fable

    Eating filet o sole fresh fish is his favorite dish

    Flying higher then a bird in the sky

    Got rappers today but Wap's the tops

    Buggy down with the socks like Scott Lerock

    Old school new school that's how we rule

    Sharpen your arrow and point it to the sky

    Got free stylin today out living the lie

    With more junk in the trunk then a New York mile

    Giving props to the cops as they hit the beat

    Smoking fat blunts with the stereo popping

    Some look to Snoop but that is fine

    Suckas with gun can kiss my fat behind

    Staying in line with a baseball bat in hand

    Everyone can't take a just trying to stick it to the man