Black Poetry : FEEL ME

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    Feel Me

    I am fed up how about you?
    Don’t you see the honest truth?
    The plan is to win and cause the race we be.
    To become even more nonexistent or insignificant like weeds.
    Treated fourth class – behind the ASIANS and the MEX.
    All trained in aspect of ill-mannered delight and disrespect.
    I know this is unacceptable so I say something right away.
    You don’t care if I don’t like what you do or have done.
    You’re on your mission to be in my air.

    Don’t step on my dignity not one day or even night.

    All my history, future growth and victory you have limited in my life.

    So my refinement you always question.
    You chalk it up to being Black.

    In your practices you’re the one to blame for anything I lack.

    You did these things ….
    OH yes you have
    Don’t deny a single thing

    I pray to the heavens the sky would open and strike you

    You evil thing.

    You did these things to my ancestors, now to my parents my kids and me.

    We all have skin you say you can’t stand
    Why you be lounging all the time in the sun instead of a cage?

    In the sun you trying to be like me?

    Here is the truth!
    We all have skin of Black!

    If you don’t know or believe me you just die right now my pal.

    They must bury your rotten carcass
    Fast for not of fear of maggot’s blast.

    I’m talking about your deep down tone

    The one you have closer to the bone
    That rises when you pass to the tone of where we all will end.

    You must be buried right away.

    I’m talking about not holding on for relatives to arrive
    They must bury before you turn brown or dark as your lies.
    You have to be planted in three days or less.
    Those who have witnessed it don’t like the way it looks.

    Your skin turns black it’s hard to tell

    Are you brown skinned or are your cooked to hell.

    I walk this way because

    I’m roughly made
    From the treatment I received from you

    I walk this way because I am working in mind just how I can get rid of you

    Not because I have the nature but because you’re a pest in my hair.

    No I’m not refined in many respects but I am not done with me yet
    I have skills and talents you haven't seen you can bet.

    This is in your native tongue so you won’t say
    You don’t understand me son
    Don't walk away from or starting twisting in the wind
    You started this *hit!

    Your legacy is crystal clear

    You decimate everything you touch.
    You’re a Decimator playing the gospel of the creator
    Like you own it and such
    Can only be the demon evil twin

    Destroying all you find
    Haven’t conquered of mine
    Global decimation you reek.

    No ordinary human or race
    Could possibly create such waste

    Your descendants was cursed from above.
    Thrown from the heavens to this earth and you hide behind love
    You bring hell unto this earth.

    Dark demon seed like your ruler unfurled
    Killing all the time drinking blood lust
    Large groups of animals and men
    Rape and pillage the land

    Disrespect women
    Something you created
    By taking the advantage of every nation.

    You play abortions friend
    Then complain or not fund Planned Parenthood

    You’re out to eradicate, decimate, and exterminate all the A.T.E.’s you enjoy eating

    The way you carry on in your wake
    The cry you make.
    Is from those who participate in prolife.

    Saying its killing a living thing.
    If you want change then start with yourself
    A woman has a right to decide.

    I believe now you’re mad
    Inside I know you’re kind of sad
    You couldn’t get the aborted child
    And it becomes one less neck you can wring.
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    look out now , nice drop bruh
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    Brilliant snapshot of this Euro-society. Reminiscent of early Amiri Baraka, that golden age of African poetry.

    Just a stunning scribe.