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Mar 30, 2016
The Gratitude is for Allaah The Sustainer/Lord of The Universe and Peace on who follows The Guidance.
Fear of hell-fire, hatred of the world. Fear is the context of mind in which is realized there is no safety, or recovery, from a perceived threat of death or an enduring physical injury. All things that have been said about hell can be traced back to Allaah. The One Who claims to have created it. whether the things written or said about it are real or not cannot be confirmed by anyone that is alive for its creation occurred and its descriptions have been confined to mental perception and in our case, through reading about it or hearing others say things about it; albeit with the understanding that no one has been to hell and returned to this place on earth to describe it, The Prophets mentioned in At Tawraah/Torah, The Bible, The Qur'aan and within the texts themselves all speak to its existence and purpose. Hell is regarded as a hidden reality. a Reality that shows itself after death; and death a clear reality but whose main level of perception, being dead, cannot be confirmed. Our definition of dead is.. not moving, a body in which evidence of life is absent. Which means that if there was something in a body that made it move and function, there isn't any more. No one has returned from this state and informed the ones he/she returned to; and taking into account, accounts, none have been propagated enough to deliver a viable testimony as to the existence and purpose of hell or hell fire. All descriptions and accounts seem to fall into the mainstream category of having been formulated on the same descriptions of hell provided by the sayings of Prophets and the texts of Scripture that mention it. For arguments' sake let us say that while it may or may not exist and that it cannot be confirmed to the living either way, Allaah is The One Who first mentioned it, threatened the living by way of it and promises in HIS texts that it is indeed true and that it will be filled.
Living human beings have written things about it. There have been plays, movies, books etc..all knowledge/information of it must be traced back to The One Who began the rumor, The One Who claims to have began the rumor, Allaah.
People may or may not have embellished their information, added to it or subtracted from it; I ask you to consider that it is all true or all false and be it all true or all false, at least recognize that The source of its' information has come from The One Who has claimed to have created it and fully takes responsibility for it, Allaah. Indeed The nature of Islaam is Fear and hatred. When I use the word Islaam, I do not mean a religion. I mean the mentality and actions of all of The Prophets who claim to have been sent by Allaah. THAT way of life, Their way of life and their perception of life. Yes, the academic meaning of islaam is that the word itself means or implies surrendering oneself to the will of Allah and that a muslim is one who follows this way. This is not wrong and I do not allege to depart from this meaning. As the meaning is cross examined, one finds that despite the different holy books and religions based on them, which actually exist due to their intellectual departures from their base, their coveted holy book, they depart. Islaam is : making no distinction between Allaah, His Angels, His Scriptures, His Prophets. This is why/how Islaam departs from the general definition of 'religion'. A person who has accepted this as his/her intellectual outlook, religion, and begins to see the way the prophets lived and thought, the scriptures that they claim to have been sent to a people with, the angels involved with delivering said scripture is referred to as a muslim. A termed coined by The Prophet Ibrahiym/Abraham to the first community that decided to follow 'his way' of worshiping an "unseen' god; in a world where an idol or statute represented ones' idea of a god.
Allaah and The Angels of Allaah are the ones who inform The Prophets of unseen realities. A Prophet is a human being a person who has been chosen by Allaah to receive news/information from HIS Own Presence to share with people. Hell, is one of those unseen realities that Prophets were informed about and they after being informed about it, spoke about it. So in the mind of one who follows The Prophets, Reads Scripture Hell is as real as the sky. The Scripture warns that hell is something to be feared and that it is a place where the punishment of Allaah is meted out upon the body in a physical way, despite the fact that we cannot perceive what occurs after death and it is much easier to believe that what happens after death is 'nothingness'.
" Today you have action without accountability: tomorrow there will be accountability without action ".
A muslim fears hell and all those things that Allaah, His Angels, His Scriptures and HIs Prophets said lead to it. Certain actions lead to hell, and actions are committed by people. so all actions and people that lead to hell should be avoided because hell, if it is true, has great pain and gnashing of teeth for entertainment. If it is true. The Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have said.." after journeying with The angel Jibraa'iyl (Gabriel) we met Mikaa'iyl (Micheal). After a time I asked Jbraa'iyl ' why doesn't Mikaa'iyl smile? The angel Jibraa'iyl responded, 'Mikaa'iyl has not smiled since the creation of hell and hell was created 50,000 years before Allaah created Adam.."It is also recorded that "... when Allaah created the hell fire he ordered a group of angels to go and see it. when the angels returned Allaah asked them, and Allaah is more informed, " how did you see my hell fire?...the angels, full of fear and trembling replied, O Sustainer ( O lord) we are not sure... Allaah The Glorified and Exalted said, Then be you not sure.."
Fear of hell fire enriches fear of The Creator of hell fire. So a muslim would fear being placed in hell and avoid anything that would lead to placement in hell and avoid anyone that does not avoid the things which would place one in hell. of course, if hell is true.
Hatred is usually known by an action; but pre-ceeding any action is its thought in the mind. That said, Hatred is a mind that tolerates what it would rather not and like all things, hatred contains degrees and levels and stations. A muslim would hate anything that would lead to hell. Any action or idea or mentality that would lead to hell, a muslim would intend to avoid at all costs.
Fear of Allaah and Hatred of the things which lead to hell can be said to be the nature of Islaam.
No one would like for a burglar to enter their home; it could be said that you hate burglars. It could be said that you hate burglary, so as not to 'hate' the person performing the deed. whether you hate only the action or the person committing the action, we see that one cannot be separated from the hate has degrees and levels, stations.
In The Scriptures, Allaah has said that loaning and borrowing is lawful and good and reduce business to written contracts. What IS NOT lawful is lending a loan for a fee. Or charging someone a fee for loaning to them. This is something that encourages poverty and drives the one borrowing deeper in debt. Allaah says in Scripture to not do this. As you know, banking exists on this principle alone. A muslim would hate this as it is not only rejection of Guidance but outright defiance, in that the practice is institutional. A practice which is totally set to contradict The Guidance. So a muslim would hate anything that works in contradiction to Guidance and would fear anything that could lead to hell.
The beauty in this mental construct is that all the things that lead to hell are things that destroy life as a whole or injures/handicaps living with quality.
The most precious property of a muslim is his or her Faith in Allaah, The Angels of Allaah, The Scriptures of Allaah, The Prophets of Allaah and intellectually makes no distinction between these as all having come from Allaah for Guidance during life span...including knowledge for preparation for The After Life, life span.
Whereas Patriotism is allegiance to the idea and ideals of a country, the ideas you know of and the ones you don't know of, the ones that are public knowledge and the ones that are secrete knowlegde; in example, Faith is allegiance to Allaah, by way of and through His Scriptures and Prophets. It is that abiding and enduring idea that The Creator of all things intends for us what is good for us and warns us of what is ultimately harmful for us. In this life and after we die. From Allaah we come .... and to Allaah is our return.
Please correct/critique anything herein that does not make sense. to you be peace and Ramadaan Mubaaraka.

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