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    When dealing with Fear, it is a very strong and driving emotion, yet it is an emotion that put no mental requirement upon you to make independent thoughtful judgment about the things that cause the fear to become a part of the believing thought process, which make the emotion of fear to be a controlling Life believing process.

    When engaged in fear, it prevent you from becoming objective about the thing that is causing the fear, because it is a Mind manipulation condition that is dependent upon the sensual mental indoctrination, informing you of what to expect from causes and effects that is happening in the Time of our Life Living.

    Fear drive you to be submissive to those that have conditioned you to trust and believe in the things told to you about the events we have been conditioned mentally to believe in, those events that are unknown to us, and it is that type of Mind-Set that will have influence in our Life Living belief process and the imaginary Life, told to be beyond this level of Life Living.

    When you come under such a Mind controlling power that has succeeded in having you to release your Thinking ability, so much to a level where the Senses are in Dominant control, then your ability to perceive and not conceive thoughtfully, that which is now what drive and guide your life, then such is what instill a belief system that supersede a knowledge system, that which is based on Divine Thinking, meaning that all of your Thoughts are in Harmony, Order, and is well Balance in the use of the process of profound Reasoning about all we are motivated to Think about, so where there is no knowledge system, the people serve to the wishes of those that have created the belief system of Fear, based on Lies and Deception.


    When dealing with desire you are not dealing with a sentiment that is motivated by want, meaning you are influenced by more than a sensual habit, which is based on want, because when you have a knowledge habit and it is based on Mental conceived desire, the emotion of Fear does in fact conflict with a desire to Know, because each conflict with each other, but then, this is about Fear and desire, and when operating in a Mind set that is dealing with what is desired, then it is more akin to what is needed, than that which is feared, and to desire something, it normally arrive from the way you conceive of those things you desire, which imply a well discipline Mind at work, a Mind that is Thinking and not believing about that which has been made to be feared, in our Life Living.

    When there is Divine Thought being used in determining what is best to do, in order to elevate our Life way of Living and not allow Fear to have or play an influence in the way we make decisions about our Life, nor about what is best to do in order to assure, that our Life will be well protected from elements that spawn all caliber of Fear that will be influential in our Life decision making, then it is desire, motivated by Divine Knowledge, that is a requirement for the use of empirical Thought, that which best protect the Divine Life way of Living, a way of living where Fear and Want hold no inspiring status in being able to deceive those Truths and Realities that show clearly, the way Life is to be Lived Divinely.

    In these present Times and these Times are not New Times, we are in a Time that have the Black World living a life of illusion and it is because the world in general has been made to become a world that live a life based upon fear and not Desire and it is all because the world is now actively responding to an illusion world of happening.

    The reason why Black People can not reorganize our way of Living is because of the way we are being Mentally controlled to Believe about those events that are affecting our Life decisions, and it is all because those events we are believing in, we take them to be actually happening, when it is no more than an illusion, and the perceived illusion, is being planted into the Mind of Black people, causing us to believe the decisions we are now making about our Life situation are our decisions, when in fact they are decisions being influenced by the Mind conditioning that is being caused by such an evil force, that now control this Earthly World, with a prime concentration upon the Black World, those people calling themselves Afrikans.

    The Manipulators is what cause us to receive the notion of what Good and Bad is, what is morality and immorality and which way is up and which way is down, yet all is structured, classified, and categorized and given its illusion of social acceptance, with a compliance based on Fear and not the desire to know the Divine Truth about such value principles which is no more than an illusion, made to be appear real by those that now manipulate the Afrikan Mind, preventing it to desire the Divine Truth concerning such principles of illusion.

    The great display of passiveness, an alternative mental action, that which Black People are now being guided by a mental process of belief, a mental action that is counter productive to having a need to be guided by Divine Thinking, which is a prevention that is being caused by a process of Mind control, and by being a victim of Mind manipulation, such Mind control does not require us to Think, which prevent us from desiring to be of our Divine Black Self.

    The Afrikan can not view our self objectively, and to the controlled Mind, it is made to prevent the people under such illness, not to be able to recognize the illogical and irrational decisions we make concerning our Life living, why? because what is abnormal in Divine Reality, appear to the Mind under control by the Mind manipulators, to be normal, and being a victim of such a Mental orientation, such now cause the Afrikan Mind not to be qualified to recognize that which require Divine Black Thought.

    Black people now opting to be totally recognized as Afrikans, they are now Living a Life dominated by Fear, because that is the Mind that is being controlled by the forces of evil, that which has been around since the end of the last Glacier Age, they are the Aliens of Evil, out to destroy the Divine Mental Capacity of the Black Divine Beings, the Afrikans, they that are no longer aware of their origin nor do we know the depth of our desire, because we now are controlled by the illusion of Fear.

    The Divine Truth, The Afrikan Despise The Divine Truth And Will Continue To Be So, As Long As We Remain A Prisoner In Our Afrikan Humanity And Not In Our Black Divinity.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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