Black Poetry : Father forgive me.......


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
I in my heart I blame you for not being there when I needed you the most
I use to call your name in my sleep and you've never answered
I heard all the malicious things about you were an "Angel in disquise"
I didn't care what or who said about you
All I know I needed my
Daddy, I needed you why did you let me suffer blows that no child should ever suffer
Sexual abuse, physical and most of all mental
Didn't you hear me
Didn't you see the hurt in my eyes
Couldn't you tell when I didn't want to let you go
I waited until I had gotten grown to find out what they said about you
Was true
You were only for yourself
I grew deaf
Because all I could think about is that my dad is going to save me
Save me
He is going to put me in his arms and tell me he was sorry for missing out on my childhood
But it was all a dream
All a dream
We connected but a connection that was in vain
In vain
They said you were insane
I didn't listen
I dismiss the warnings
Soon after the father I pictured when I was a little girl
Little girl
Wasn't you
Then came your mental abuse
Why you couldn't accept me daddy for who I am?
You can't change me
Change me
You see I was left to predators of the world, and you wasn't there to save
Save me
You kept on talking about me, hurting me with your words
But I stayed around because I wanted to have what I lost
Didn't matter the cost
All I ever wanted you to do was love me
Love me
Love me
Love me like a father should to his daughter
But all you seen in me is failure
You blame my mother for the way I turnt out
With no support from you
How could you talk about the one who didn't sign her rights away?
Rights away
You were afraid
Afraid of
It's Father day and I don't have you around now
Because I had, had enough of your mental then led to physical abuse towards me
My sanity was at stake
at stake
The devil raised the stake
I walked out on you
I love you
But I am somebody even tho' you led me to believe I was a
I had to call on Jehovah to heal me and bring me to the point of
I don't hate you Father
Love is all I have for you
In due time I hope before you die you see I was your little Raven
But for now I ask my Heavenly Father to keep on inspiring the way, the truth, and the light in me
Because I am what I am
and that is God's Child
So Father forgive me for I never meant to disappointed you.....

Copyright 2008
Sis Nevar! Such power! I felt every spoken and unspoken word! It's hard as a little girl not having daddy around, not getting the love we long for! I can relate in more ways than one. But know that you are far from a NOBODY my beautiful sister! I am blessed just having read this! Thank you for the beautiful write!


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