Black Poetry : Fate

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    She inspires me to be better
    She redefines those common four letters
    And I’m the type that’s either all in or out
    I’m deep, dependable and solid that’s what I’m about
    I love hard and steady and not afraid to show it
    Private & Public displays so she knows it
    She’s my motivation and yes I’m easily to motivate
    I have found #1 my best and only teammate
    My HelpMate, My BedMate
    See… my love is no flyweight, I carry no deadweight
    Like a beacon, I’m easy to locate as she makes me check my checkmate
    This feeling is beyond great and my love I freely donate
    As she brings me higher…. I elevate…
    I can feel the electrodes pulse as my heart detonates
    While others hate and tailgate
    Others try to recreate but too late
    This love is bound, this love is fate